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  patty cyr , January 14, 2013
I understand Jim Gibbons 2011 Salary was over $742,000. Other CEO's of Goodwill (I saw at least 7) made over 300,000. And up. I also saw that our Government paid Goodwill $54 million for compensation for hiring disabled people (they make minimum wage right?). Goodwill is also tax exempt for all those stores property tax right? I have a big problem with Goodwill paying top dollar for key CEO's, get free inventory, get the government to help with the cost of payroll, use the word non for profit by training people to do the job they were hired to do (what company doesn't train new employees?). Screen the free inventory pull the valuable items, we thought would go to the needy only to see it at auction on line. Price the undesirable free inventory too high for most needy and place it in their stores. What I am having a hard time finding is how is this a charity? I see how much the CEO's are making but nothing on the monetary charity to the intended needy people. Can you please show me how Goodwill spends the over 4 billion Goodwill has made to help US families in need???? As I write this Goodwill commercial came on begging for hatch backs so they can continue to help make a difference. Make a difference for who? The CEO's lifestyle???????????? I am sure the CEO's are very nice people but when I donated to Goodwill I did not know or want it to go to the CEO's I wanted to help the needy. Its time to be transparent for real.