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  Joseph Root , March 11, 2010
The concept of Teresa Nielsen-Hayden being a "community builder" is patently ridiculous. Everyone who knows her personally swears that she is a very nice, smart, and kind woman; however her history as a moderator (both on BoingBoing, where she no longer moderates, and Making Light) would lead one to believe the very opposite. Anyone who disagrees with her on any subject can expect to be abused, insulted, ridiculed, and dismissed. It does not to matter how reasonably or rationally such disagreement is phrased; merely not acknowledging the Obviously Correct If You're Not An Idiot opinion of Ms. Nielsen-Hayden is grounds for being branded a troll. There is a marked difference between "building a community" and "retaining only syncophants." Better to ask the tiger about vegetarian food than to ask Teresa Nielsen-Hayden anything about truly building a community, as the rest of the world understands that word.