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  Edward Barks , May 04, 2009
Lots of food for thought here. One additional idea regarding David’s notion that boring speakers could stand a training session: Your association may want to consider asking expert speakers you have already hired for your meeting to handle this duty. You can choose to make it part of your search process up front or negotiate with a speaker/trainer with expertise in this area who submits a proposal (remember that everything in any proposal is negotiable). Don’t hesitate to ask speakers to add this to their list of responsibilities. If you are working with pros, they are also savvy businesspeople/ consultants and will have no problem amending the proposal to better fit your needs. Another benefit: Speakers capable of this type of double duty are friendlier to your travel budget. Of course, they must actually have the talents you desire. If you try to get by strictly on the cheap with someone inexperienced in teaching/training, your members lose.

Ed Barks
Author of The Truth About Public Speaking:
The Three Keys to Great Presentations
Chair, ASAE Greater Washington Network's
Content and Facilitation Action Team