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Data Nugget: Gassed Up, Going Nowhere

ASSOCIATIONS NOW, June 2013 Money & Business

Summary: A look at which U.S. cities' drivers waste the most gas, based on fuel prices and time spent delayed in traffic.

2.9 billion

The number of gallons of fuel Americans burned while sitting in traffic in 2011.

That figure probably won't surprise drivers in Washington, DC, who waste the most money on gasoline while stuck in traffic: On average they waste 32 gallons per year per driver and pay high prices at the pump (more than $4 per gallon in February). New York and Los Angeles are close behind, while Salt Lake City drivers enjoy relative savings from better traffic and lower gas prices.

Gallons wasted per driver per year:

Washington, DC:


New York:


Los Angeles:


St. Louis:


Salt Lake City:


Minneapolis-St. Paul:



Source: "What Does Traffic Cost You? A Visual Guide to How Much Commuters Pay to Sit in Traffic" via MintLife blog

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