Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance - 2017 Edition (PDF)

Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance - 2017 Edition (PDF)

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ASAE Foundation Research, Ahmed Farruk, and Robert Olcott, CAE


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Need help evaluating your association’s investment-reserves policy, strategies, and practices? Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance was designed to assist you in doing just that, providing clear benchmarks and expert insights for four consecutive years.

The data in this downloadable report are primarily organized by reserve size and include performance metrics captured in the 2014–2017 studies, as well as policy benchmarks captured in the 2014 and 2015 studies. Investment advisors from DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C., provide expert insights and a 2016 market overview. Other topics include

  • investment policy governance
  • investment strategy
  • investment vehicles
  • asset allocation
  • investment performance

Use the data to identify areas where improvements can potentially be made or that may require further analysis and discussion. Or the data may help you confirm that your organization is implementing effective practices compared to peers with similarly sized investment reserves.

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(2018, ISBN-978-0-88034-559-0, 32 pages)