CAE Exam Prep Online Seminar Series

CAE Exam Prep Online Seminar Series

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Jan 25, 2022 - Jan 28, 2022



United States

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CAE Credits: Credits can only be earned through live attendance each day. For eachtwo-hour session attended, attendees will earn 1.5 CAE credits. Watching recorded seminars will not count toward CAE credit.

When you make the decision to pursue your Certified Association Executive credential, you take a big step toward advancing your association management career. The prospect of taking the CAE exam can be daunting, but thorough preparation can help you feel confident when you sit down to take the test.

This four day online seminar series will take participants through all eight CAE exam domains. In each session, instructors will explore the day's domains and review recommended readings and practice questions. Information about studying for the exam will be provided, and there will be ample times for questions. Click on the Agenda tab below for more details on the course breakdown.

Attendees are encouraged to purchase the CAE Study Guide to aid in preparation and to access a practice test. The 2015 version is fine, but we recommend the newer 2020 edition.

This online seminar series consists of four 120-minute live online sessions that feature facilitated audio content and conversations. A few days before the first session, registrants will receive personalized login information and other series details. Participants will have access to recorded sessions, reference materials, and more for up to 30 days following the end of the program.Please note that a new log in link will be sent for each day of the program

Registration for this online seminar series will close Tuesday January 25th at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Accessibility Features:
This program will be hosted via Zoom and will have captioning provided by If you would like to request a live captioner to be available during the event, please reach out to Linnae O’Flahavan

ASAE recommends completing both this online seminar series and the CAE Kickoff in preparation for the CAE Exam.

  • Agenda

    • Tuesday January 25, 2022

      1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

      Governance, Executive Leadership

      This seminar will touch on some of the following areas: governance structure, chapters and affiliate relations, volunteer leadership development, decision making,ethical leadership, DE&I, and adaptive leadership.

      Wednesday January 26, 2022

      1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

      Organizational Strategy, Operations

      This seminar will touch on some of the following areas: general management, critical analysis and planning, knowledge management, financial management, humna resources, legal oversight and risk mitigation, infrastructure and technology, and vendor relations.

      Thursday January 27, 2022

      1:00 – 3:00 p.m


      Business Development, Member and Stakeholder Engagement and Management

      This seminar will touch on some of the following areas: programs, products, services, non-dues revenue, meetings and events, certification, licensure, accreditation, industry standards, strategic partnerships, member recruitment and retention, stakeholder identificiation and cultivation, volunteer management, and ethics.

      Friday January 28, 2022

      1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

      Advocacy, Marketing, Communication

      This seminar will touch on some of the following areas: government relations, coalition building, public policy, marketing, brand management, communication, and public relations.

  • Speakers

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      Heidi Weber, CAE

      Heidi Weber, MBA, CAE, drives strategy, operations, and mission alignment for the Alpha Omega International Dental Society as Executive Director. She is a connector and collaborator who aspires to create an inclusive culture for the organization’s 4,000 members, in ten countries, and 105 chapters. With over twenty years in corporate and non-profit experience, Heidi brings a foresight vision to her executive work and partners readily with cohorts. Heidi currently serves as the Chair of the 2021-22 ASAE Executive Management Professionals Advisory Council, and previously served on the ASAE Technology Section Council. She renewed her Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from ASAE in 2019. Her passion for volunteering extends as a board member of Shepherd’s Table, an organization dedicated to ending food insecurity and homelessness. Heidi is involved with the association technology community as an Association Women Technology Champions board member.

      author image

      Victoria Forlini, CAE

      I am a leader who embraces change, brings order to chaos and who thinks strategically while improving operations. I enjoy working in organizations with mission and making that mission come alive. My career path crosses major revenue drivers (publications, meetings), strong governance (leading the Executive Office and working with the Board of Directors and scientific Council), and executing strategic initiatives (bringing AGU's centennial programming from inception to operations). Throughout every piece, working with, and strengthening a team, brings the most success and satisfaction. My current roles takes all of these factors as I work on experiments and partnerships within our meetings portfolio. I love to learn and in previous roles have written about Batman and Strawberry Shortcake, learned to code medical diagnoses, edited dozens of cookbooks, and have literally (and appropriately) yelled Stop the Presses!

      Megan Cruz, CAE

      author image

      Trevor S. Mitchell, CAE

      Trevor Mitchell, MBA, CAE, CDP, is executive director at American Mensa, Ltd. As the Executive Director, of American Mensa, Ltd. provides leadership toward the achievement of the American Mensa’s mission, vision, strategy and annual goals and objectives. The Executive Director is responsible for the general, day-to-day administration of the affairs of the organization. The Executive Director serves as chief executive officer for staff and the chief administrative officer for the Board of Directors (the American Mensa Committee or AMC) and its subsidiary Foundation (Mensa Foundation), and is charged with implementing policies and programs that benefit the society. The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the AMC and works with the AMC in developing strategies which support the mission of American Mensa, developing and implementing the strategic goals and objectives of American Mensa, and enabling the AMC to effectively fulfill its governance function.

      author image

      Joy Davis, CAE

      The best part of my job is working with volunteers. I help them define their goals, make smart choices, and achieve their vision for their organization. Members join because they’re passionate about an organization. They bring endless enthusiasm, great ideas, and strong values – but not necessarily the skills to accomplish their goals. I bring those qualities as well, and the skills that fill the empty slots in their toolboxes. Together we can build a strong, vibrant organization. My skills include strategic planning, administration, budgeting, communications, marketing, membership, education, community development and leadership. I’m also the person you send in when the building’s on fire, and you don’t know how or when it started, or what it will take to put it out. I evaluate difficult situations, red budgets, and failing programs; formulate long-term, data-supported plans with my team and volunteers; win buy-in; and move an organization forward. If it’s not a challenge, it’s not fun. My current challenges revolve around changing our membership model to meet the needs of today’s members; implementing a new community-based model for our members; developing relevant education programming; delivering an all-new event; and better leveraging our use of data, and of software. Or, in more simple terms, I'm always working on that member value proposition.

      Ann Dorough, CAE

      My early career was in journalism and politics at the U.S. House of Representatives. But volunteer roles leading advocacy and charitable boards wound up pointing me in the direction of an association career. I get the most satisfaction out of applying the experiences from my varied background to help steer organizations to a place where they are acting consistently to execute their true mission.

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