Associations Now - March/April 2019


  • Cover Story: Boost Your Staff's Financial Savvy
    Allison Torres Burtka
    As associations become more cost-focused and revenue-driven, staff outside the finance department need to have knowledge that will enable them to make better business decisions.
  • The Disrupted World of Certification
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Digital badges? Gamification? Tiered or stand-alone certificates? Credentialing and certification are as complex as today’s workforce. But a focus on needs—yours and learners’—can point your program in the right direction.
  • Turn Your Moment in the Spotlight Into Long-Term Success
    By: Tim Ebner
    At any moment, an association’s key issue could be the issue everyone is talking about: a hot topic of debate, a headline-grabbing news story, or a major legislative or legal victory. Three associations explain how they seized upon moments of opportunity to build longer-term success.


The A List

  • Getting Facts Right Worldwide
    By: Mark Athitakis
    At a time when news outlets are challenged to sort out legitimate news from distortions and falsehoods, a group of media organizations around the world are working together to stop the spread of misinformation.
  • Ask the CEO: Institute for Credentialing Excellence
    Denise Roosendaal, CAE, executive director of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, answers questions from member Johnna Gueorguieva, CAE.
  • Help for Diabetics in Natural Disasters
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Several associations swung into action after Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to get insulin to diabetics in the storm zone. Now the Summit Award-winning Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition is providing ongoing support for diabetics in natural disasters.


Money & Business

  • New Silo Rules for UBIT
    By: Laura Kalick
    Tax reform brought changes that could raise your unrelated business income tax bill. These new rules add another layer of complexity to calculating UBIT.
  • How Associations Can Make Better Real Estate Decisions
    Aaron Pomerantz, executive managing director of Cushman & Wakefield, says a little planning and attention to workplace culture can help associations make more informed real estate decisions.
  • A Winning Webinar Strategy
    By: Mark Athitakis
    How the launch of sponsored webinars helped the Book Industry Study Group go from struggling association to back in the black.
  • Data: Fostering Friendship at Work
    Are your employees spending a lot of time chatting at the water cooler? Maybe that's not such a bad thing.


  • Form a DevOps Team to Accelerate Development
    By: Tim Ebner
    With a DevOps approach, software development and IT teams can follow a set of common practices to rapidly build, test, and release software or services faster and more reliably.
  • Data: A Surge in Smartphone Shopping
    You don’t have to be Amazon, but if your association’s e-commerce system isn’t mobile-friendly, it might be time to consider some updates.
  • Identity Management Essentials
    Your members trust you with their data. How can you protect it while ensuring a seamless online experience? Juan Silva, chief technology officer at the software firm Wicket, says many organizations are turning to identity and access management software.
  • I Can't Live Without My...Feedly
    Feedly is a free service that helps you stay in the know with relevant and timely news. An association pro shares how she uses it to keep content organized.



Brain Power

  • Career Coach: New Hire Success
    By: Carol Vernon
    Smart organizations know that they share equally in the responsibility for helping new employees succeed. A look at what a successful onboarding plan should include.
  • Books: Let Them See You; This Is Marketing; Becoming Essential
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    How to bring your authentic self to work, ensure your association’s marketing efforts aim for true connections, and maintain your organization’s relevance