Associations Now – November/December 2017


  • When Is It Time to Sunset a Product?
    By: Tim Ebner
    Associations excel at launching new offerings, but they aren’t nearly as good at letting go when something outlives its usefulness. Discontinuing a product or service can be painful, but it pays off to manage your portfolio with a focus on meeting member needs and the organization’s goals.
  • What's Next in Association Learning?
    By: Allison Torres Burtka
    Do your education offerings deliver what you want them to? If you’re looking to reinvigorate your professional development program, current trends suggest that opportunities lie in assessing what you’re trying to accomplish, harnessing data, rethinking content and delivery, and trying some unconventional approaches.
  • A Path to Better Decisions
    By: Mark Athitakis
    From strategic planning to everyday operations, associations are often stymied when it comes to clear decisions. Here is how a few experts choose wisely.
  • What a Specialist Consultant Can Help You Achieve
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    For associations seeking consulting help, one size doesn’t fit all. While many consultants have knowledge of a range of association management disciplines, others bring niche expertise—often developed in a former life as an association professional—that can provide the specific assistance an organization needs.


The A List


Money & Business

  • Take a Two-Sided Approach to Partnerships
    By: Emily Bratcher
    Is your strategic partnership too one-sided? Here’s how associations can bring in some extra revenue while ensuring a successful relationship.
  • Two Legal Questions About Employee Classification
    By: Joseph Doherty
    Federal labor law sets out criteria for whether a person who works for you is an employee or contractor and whether employees are exempt or nonexempt from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Here are some tips to help ensure you’re in compliance.
  • Associations USA: Oklahoma
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Sooner State.
  • Idea Bank: Matching Members With Disaster Relief
    By: Alex Beall
    The Educational Theatre Association Online used an online form to connect its members with support after several natural disasters.


  • Applying an Ethical Pressure Test to IT
    By: Tim Ebner
    When faced with a big IT decision, make it a habit to think about ethical implications and possible dilemmas.
  • Is Your Website-Hosting Service Secure?
    Your association’s website can enhance credibility and build community—or ruin your reputation if it’s hacked. Gary Grabowski, vice president and partner of Summit Business Technologies, explains how a secure hosting service can mitigate 99 percent of security risks.



  • Insights from Meeting Attendees
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    Data points from the second Decision to Attend study offer valuable insights about what attendees want out of meetings.
  • Destination: Chattanooga
    Tennessee’s fourth-largest city has the convenience, accessibility, and variety attendees are looking for—with plenty of Southern charm.

Brain Power

  • Books: Gen Z @ Work
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    Three new publications look at emerging trends in generational habits, time management, and integrative thinking.
  • 5 Steps for Reentering the Job Market
    By: Cheryl Palmer
    The job market isn't what it used to be. Here are five ways to increase your competitiveness if you're jumping back in.
  • How I Got Here: Kim Grimm
    She got started by outfitting outdoorsy types. Now she's in an association's corner office. A look at her career journey.

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  • Associations Monitoring Tax Reform Impact 
    By: Chris Vest, CAE
    Lawmakers’ hunt for offsets to pay for tax reform could cost associations if changes to the treatment of royalty income or revenue from certain qualified sponsorship payments are enacted.