Associations Now - September/October 2016


  • Cover Story: Amid Controversy, Should You Move Your Conference?
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Associations contract with host cities and conference venues years in advance, but the political winds blow on their own timeline. In 2016, a year marked by adoption of controversial legislation in a handful of states, associations have been challenged to consider whether these laws align with their values. And that has forced hard choices about where and how members gather. Here's how two groups responded.
  • Attract Millennials to Your Meeting
    By: Allison Torres Burtka
    You have loyal, long-time conference attendees—that's great. But to keep your events thriving for the long term, you need to engage your millennial members. How are you changing your conferences to appeal to a new generation?
  • Transform Ordinary Meetings into Extraordinary Experiences
    By: Karla Taylor
    When people pay for travel and registration to attend a conference, plus leave work and family behind, they’re not looking for the “same old.” Instead, they want an experience to remember. Industry experts share five steps to make that happen.
  • How to Get the Diversity Data You Need
    By: Joe Rominiecki
    As associations grow their diversity and inclusion efforts, they realize a fundamental need to understand the demographics of their members. But personal information isn’t always easy to get. Here’s how a few associations are collecting the data they need to serve diverse audiences and measure progress toward their D+I goals.
  • Better-Rated Performance Reviews
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Old-fashioned performance reviews are too infrequent, impersonal, and stressful, according to many association employees and managers alike. Some organizations are finding a better way.


The A List


  • Build Teams to Focus on Priorities
    By: Julie Shoop
    You may be getting lots of things done, but if they're the wrong things, your problem could be structural. Here's how one CEO reorganized staff teams to ensure collaboration on what the board said mattered most. Side benefits: Engagement ramped up, communication improved, and future leaders emerged.
  • CEO to CEO: Most Impactful Conference Experience
    Four association CEOs discuss what was their most informative, engaging, or instrumental experience at a conference.
  • 3 Lessons: Serenity Now
    Jennifer Tomb, CAE, assistant director of meetings and exhibits at the American Society for Microbiology, has a formula to keep calm and carry on. It includes saying two magic words and channeling MacGyver.

Money & Business


  • Beware Hashtag Hijacking
    By: Derrick Perkins
    One expert shares four ways to keep your social campaigns from being taken hostage by detractors or users who adopt it in posts that have nothing to do with your message.
  • How Does Your IT Strategy Stack Up?
    More associations are taking a strategic approach to technology, but they may not know where to begin. A new assessment tool, developed by ASAE based on ASAE Foundation research, will help associations evaluate their tech strengths and weaknesses. Charles Colby, founder of Rockbridge Associates, which helped ASAE develop the tool, explains why assessment is critical.
  • I Can’t Live Without My…Skype for Business
    This easy-to-use, one-on-one communication tool syncs with Office programs. Gretchen Steenstra of Delcor Technology Solutions shares how it helps her in her day-to-day communication.
  • Data: Defending Cybersecurity Breaches
    Cybersecurity breaches remain a massive concern for everyone, which is why the National Governors Association is making it a top priority. A look at the number of attacks one state has already endured this year.


  • Balancing Member and Nonmember Needs
    By: Joe Rominiecki
    Associations have longtime members, new members, lapsed members, and never-members. How do you engage them all? It helps to understand their different needs.
  • Commit to Data-First Engagement
    By: Joe Rominiecki
    Want to boost participation in your association? Show members how they measure up. Here are the three keys to one association's successful engagement campaign.


  • Future Conference Formats
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    The German Convention Bureau, in partnership with the European Association of Event Centres and Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering, revealed six conference formats that will likely grow in popularity.
  • Destination: Boise
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    Idaho’s capital city offers something for everyone. On the list: an expanded convention center, new and improved hotel inventory, and unique venues.

Brain Power

  • Books: Winning Well, Payoff, and The 100-Year Life
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    Three new publications discuss how to build the best team, personal and team motivation, and the preparation required for a longer worklife.
  • How to Show You're Ready to Lead
    By: Cheryl Palmer
    Four tips for representing your skills to potential employers and demonstrating that you are ready to transition into management.
  • How I Got Here: Christina McCoy
    A look at the journey from family farm hand to manager of events and communities for the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions.

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