Associations Now - May/June 2016


  • Cover Story: What to Do Before and After a Cyber Attack
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Cyberattacks are all but inevitable now for organizations large and small. That means being prepared—both before and after a breach. When it happens to you, the first 48 hours will be critical for evidence gathering and reassuring your members. Here are prep and response strategies from associations that have been there.
  • Productivity Tools to Help Your Work Smarter
    By: Katie Bascuas
    Battling a bloated inbox? Need to send a quick message to a coworker? There's probably a productivity tool that can help. Here's a look at the latest peer-recommended apps and software that are helping association professionals perform at maximum efficiency.
  • On-The-Job Tech: Skills for Association Professionals
    By: Alex Beall
    As technology evolves and association professionals require more tech tools to get the job done each day, the responsibility for learning and understanding technology is not just for IT anymore.
  • Leadership Lessons From Outer Space
    By: Karla Taylor
    What do managing an association and commanding a space shuttle have in common? More than you might think, say twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly—except you don't have to leave for work at nine times the speed of a rifle bullet. Find out what orbiting the Earth can teach about leadership.


The A List

  • Ask the CEO: Oregon Dental Association
    Conor McNulty, CAE, executive director of the Oregon Dental Association, explains how ODA is addressing the future of the dental profession, from disruptive practice trends to high student debt.
  • 3 Issues Affecting Business Interests in Europe
    According to experts at the "Europe Today: What Associations Need to Know" event, there are issues, including the refugee crisis and Britain's potential exit from the EU, that could affect association global interests across the Atlantic.
  • Comings & Goings: May/June 2016
    New hires and personnel moves in associations.


  • Get Buy-In for Bylaws Changes
    By: Mark Athitakis
    Updating association bylaws is nobody's favorite task, and when you need a vote of all members to make changes, the job can seem daunting. But with the right process in place, you'll gain broader understanding and appreciation of your association's governance system.
  • CEO to CEO: Leveraging Tech Tools
    Four association CEOs discuss ways their organizations use technology to pursue their mission.
  • 3 Lessons: Say Something
    Erin Pressley vice president, publishing, at NACS: The Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing, shares why female leaders in particular need to speak up and how to hire well in order to build a team of experts.

Money & Business

  • Building Revenue Beyond Dues
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    With a new CEO and a new focus on generating nondues revenue, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is building its profit centers. Among the additions is a vice president for business development and new sponsorship and professional development opportunities.
  • Fend off Copyright Infringement
    By: Dawn Crowell Murphy
    Protecting your content rights was easier when we lived in an all-print world. Now, multiple digital channels multiply the opportunities for infringement. Brush up on the copyright rules and the ways to protect your rights.
  • Idea Bank: Peek at Benefit Draws New Members
    By: Alex Beall
    The European Association for the Study of the Liver provides a free peek at a benefit to turn active nonmembers into members.
  • Associations USA: Utah
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Beehive State.


  • How Associations Can Embrace the Changing Education Landscape
    By: Layla Masri
    Mobile and personalization are disrupting the traditional association education model. Groups must be prepared to change their instructional design and educational goals to fit the new landscape.
  • Boosting Engagement in Online Learning
    Retaining people’s attention during a live online learning session is an art. Barbara David Parnarouskis, director of education at NAIOP Corporate, the association for commercial real estate development, explains some of the fundamentals and best practices of good online engagement.



  • 3 Ways to Prevent Speakers from Selling
    By: Chip Levy
    You know what your meeting attendees don’t want? A sales pitch from any of your event’s speakers about why their companies or products are great. Some tips to make sure your attendees get the best sessions possible.
  • Destination: Myrtle Beach
    By: Samantha Whitehorne
    The oceanfront destination caters to every meeting’s must-haves. Three reasons why it may be the right location for your next meeting: accessible convention center, outdoor options galore, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Brain Power

  • Books: Get What You Want
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    Three new books to add to your summer reading list: The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want; The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great; and Hidden Strengths: Unleashing the Leadership Skills You Already Have
  • Sparking the Meetings Experience
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE
    It's no longer about planning an event. It's about designing an experience, says Don Neal of 360 Live Media. Doing so will result in his "6 R's," which include revenue, reach, and return on investment.
  • How I Got Here: Luke Zimmer
    Today he’s the assistant manager, sections and member engagement, at the American Staffing Association. A few years back he worked as a stylist at Levi Strauss & Co. How he got from there to where he is today.
  • Acing Your Next Job Interview
    By: Cheryl Palmer
    Four tips to ensure that you have a successful job interview that goes beyond having good eye contact and a firm handshake. One not to be forgotten: Come prepared with questions for your interviewer.