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  • Cover Story: Ready for Anything: How Meeting Planners Prepare for Crisis
    Expecting the unexpected at a conference is difficult enough. Making it trickier is that crises come in all forms—from civil unrest, to extreme weather, to terrorist attacks. Meetings experts who've managed a crisis situation share their advice.
  • Make Your Conference More Inclusive
    By: Mark Athitakis What does your conference say about who is welcome in your community? Maybe not what you want it to say, if your speakers and attendees all look and sound the same. Associations that intend to remain relevant are making changes and pursuing strategies to design more inclusive meeting experiences.
  • How Digital Signage is Remaking the Meeting Experience
    By: Joe Rominiecki Digital signage is more than just a shiny, electronic version of the standard foamcore posters and easels outside your meeting rooms (though that's a good start). Associations that are converting to digital displays are reaping the benefits of live updates, engaging video, interactive experiences, and new revenue opportunities at their meetings.
  • Create Surveys That Generate High-Quality Results
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE No question about it—associations are conducting more surveys than ever as they hunger to know everything about their stakeholders. New technology makes reaching them easier, faster, and sometimes cheaper. But are surveys generating the high-quality data needed to make good decisions? Check off these trends to boost your survey savvy.
  • After 100 Years, an Association Enters a New Phase
    By: Katie Bascuas On the cusp of its 100th birthday, and with a new executive director and strategic plan in hand, the National Association of Secondary School Principals decided it was time to reimagine itself. One big change: bringing an advertising agency in-house to revamp the organization's marketing, communications, and public relations efforts.


The A List


  • Keep Your Former Leaders Engaged
    By: Mark Athitakis There's a saying: There's nothing so "ex" as an ex-president. Don't let it apply to your volunteer leaders. Instead of putting them out to pasture when their terms end, continue to tap their expertise and commitment to your association.
  • 3 Lessons: Worldly Wise
    For Teresa Cendrowska, vice president for Global Cooperation at ASTM International, slowing down and thinking broadly are essential for success. That means association executives need to step back and cultivate patience.
  • CEO to CEO: Face-to-Face Meetings
    CEOs talk about the value of face-to-face meetings and why they are invaluable to associations and their members.

Money & Business

  • Predict Donor Behavior
    By: Samantha Whitehorne The Children's Cancer Research Fund uses big data and predictive analytics to uncover insights into donors' behaviors. Even better: Positive results have led to increased knowledge and greater revenue.
  • Tips for Removing an Elected Leader
    By: Jonathan T. Howe When you're faced with the need to remove an ineffective or disruptive volunteer leader from office, process is critical. Here are the most important legal questions to consider.
  • A Primer on Preparing for Retirement
    Not everyone is in the retirement mindset. Here's a look at how behavior can influence employees' willingness to save.
  • Idea Bank: Fuel Advocacy With Stories
    By: Rob Stott A coalition led by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science shows how your members' real-life stories can help you create a more compelling advocacy campaign.
  • Associations USA: Texas
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Lone Star State.


  • How to Optimize Your Search Functionality
    By: Jacqui Olkin and Duane Degler As an increasingly important component in desktop and mobile online experiences, search can make or break an online experience. Here are a few tips to help ensure your search functionality provides users with best possible experience.
  • The Power of Data Mining
    Digging for business intelligence via data is not just for technologists, says Debbie King, CEO of DSK Solutions, Inc. Here, she explains why data analytics is so powerful and why it should be a part of any organization's culture.
  • I Can't Live Without My ... PicPlayPost App
    Make inspiring video collages that incorporate pictures, graphics, and music with this multimedia-based app.
  • Data: Identity Theft Stats
    With data breaches at record highs, you may not be surprised to learn that the proportion of stolen credit card and debit card information has also been increasing, yet the percentage of breaches exposing Social Security Numbers has been declining.


  • Individual or Company Members: Why Not Both?
    By: Joe Rominiecki A group membership program for corporations at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers shows how a traditionally individual membership organization can engage more of its industry through an added focus on companies.
  • How a Few Key Influencers Can Spread Your Message
    By: Joe Rominiecki Experts on word-of-mouth marketing share how associations can take advantage of the "majority illusion" effect and leverage the power of influential members of their communities.
  • Data: Onboarding Boosts Online Engagement
    Research on online communities shows that a few simple practices for welcoming new participants can have significant positive effects on engagement.


  • How to Welcome First-Timers to Your Meeting
    By: Samantha Whitehorne You not only want to make first-timers feel at home at your meeting, but you also want them to return. A glimpse at how two associations make conference newbies feel at home.
  • Destination: Rosemont Illinois
    Its location only minutes from Chicago's O'Hare Airport makes Rosemont, a town specifically built for meetings with a variety of venues, a convenient pick for association meetings.
  • Data: Current and Anticipated Uses of Meeting Apps
    You not only want to make first-timers feel at home at your meeting, but you also want them to return. A glimpse at how two associations make conference newbies feel at home.

Brain Power

  • Books: Take Charge of Your Career Path
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE Three books look at how to prepare yourself for tomorrow's workplace, 10 ways to bring well-being into any organization, and how to measure the impact and ROI of leadership development.
  • How to Navigate the First 90 Days as CEO
    Beth Brooks, CAE, author of The New CEO's Guide, says new CEOs must focus on three things in their first three months on the job: prioritizing goals for success, assessing staff knowledge, and understanding the organization's culture.
  • Make the Most of Those Job Tasks You're Not So Fond Of
    Lyne Tumlinson, CPBS, ACC, CAE, career fitness coach at Career Lift, shares advice on how to find joy in the tasks that you don't find so enjoyable. Step one is to ditch the mental battle that they often bring on.
  • How I Got Here: Lakisha A. Woods, CAE
    The current senior vice president and chief marketing officer at the National Association of Home Builders has come a long way since her first job as movie theatre cashier. Along the way she also ran a pageant and sold advertising.

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