January - February 2015


  • Leaders Are Made Not Born: A Primer on Leadership Development Programs
    By: Katie Bascuas While many volunteers have the enthusiasm to guide an organization, they don't always have the know-how. See how leadership development programs can help instill the skills and confidence it takes to lead.
  • The Board Member's Guide to the Association Membership Model
    By: Joe Rominiecki If you're going to lead an association, it would be a good idea to understand its foundational business model, right? Here's a crash course for volunteer leaders on how membership works and what your role is in shaping and promoting it at your association.
  • The Board's Role in Onboarding a New CEO 
    By: Mark Athitakis When a long-tenured CEO leaves, the organization's board members need to adjust their assumptions and strategies to help the new executive succeed. It requires stepping out of a well-worn comfort zone and refocusing on the path ahead.
  • NCAA Governance Overhaul Offers Lessons for All Associations
    By: Jean S. Frankel with Nancy Alexander Think it's hard for your board to work effectively? Try doing so while under constant scrutiny from the public and media—and even Congress. That's exactly what the NCAA, college sports' governing body, faced as it restructured its governance model. The story of how its volunteer leaders did it has lessons that all association boards should heed.


The A List

  • Associations and the Power of Collective Action
    By: Susan K. Neely, CAE From the Sons of Liberty to your board and members, people who act together have a long tradition of accomplishing great things. Building consensus around a shared vision is the key to finding your collective voice.


Brain Power

  • Books: Guiding Ideas for Successful Boards
    By: Kristin Clarke Three books take a look at what successful boards are doing right; how leaders can build higher-quality connections with staff, customers, and others; and how to best develop and communicate a clear and motivating vision.
  • How to Help Employees Become and Stay Effective
    By: Kristin Clarke Todd Henry, closing general session speaker at ASAE's 2015 Great Ideas Conference, discusses the benefits of helping employees stay effective for the long run, such as innovation and value creation.
  • How I Got Here: David DuBois, CTA, CMP, FASAE, CAE
    A look at the various volunteer leadership roles David DuBois, CTA, CMP, FASAE, CAE, who is the current president and CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, has held throughout his career.

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