• Cover Story: The Meeting Planner's New Strategic Role
    By: Mark Athitakis Technology advancements, rising competition, and revenue imperatives are changing the meeting planner's role. Today, it's more integral to an association's success than ever. Say hello to the new meetings strategist.
  • How to Overhaul an Already Successful Meeting
    By: Gayle Bennett Looking to shake things up in a big way at your next meeting? Take a page from the American College of Emergency Physicians. Although ACEP 's annual meeting had been a consistent success, organization leaders made some innovations that have led to even greater success.
  • New Technology to Track Your Meeting Attendees
    By: Melanie D.G. Kaplan A chip in your conference badge that monitors your meeting activity? It might sound a little creepy, but that chip is improving the meeting experience. Many associations are taking advantage of technology such as NFC and RFID and carefully weighing the benefits, risks, and security concerns.
  • Shaking Up the Meetings Content Model
    By: Kristin Clarke While few associations are totally bailing on the traditional RFP-and-review-committee model to develop conference content, pressure to innovate is building. Many organizations are freeing content planners to venture into new methods of creating the learning experiences that today's attendees demand. The kicker? Sometimes less is more.


The A List


  • Six Steps to a Financially Savvy Board
    By: Kim Robinson, CAE Even the most business-minded board members who know their way around a balance sheet can be stymied by your association's finances. Here are some ways to help them understand your most important financial data.
  • 3 Lessons: Planning Power
    For Victoria Elliott, R.Ph., MBA, CAE, good leadership is no accident. It takes careful communication, planning for contingencies, and step-by-step guidance of the volunteers who partner with staff to keep an association running at full steam.
  • CEO to CEO: Must-Have Tools As A Conference Attendee
    CEOs share the one item they have to have with them whenever they hit the road for a conference. And no, a smartphone or tablet was not an acceptable response.

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  • A Custom-Tailored Meeting Agenda
    By: Samantha Whitehorne A look at how the Drug Information Association boosted their conference marketing efforts by offering personalized conference agendas to prospective attendees. Each suggested sessions the recipient would likely be most interested in.
  • Destination: Minneapolis
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Minnesota's city of many lakes features the state's largest meeting and convention facility, as well as venues that fit every planner's needs and a public transportation system that makes it easy for attendees to explore.
  • Data: The Power of a Venue Going Green
    New data shows that people would not only be more likely to attend a game or concert if a stadium recycled and composted all the trash left behind, but they'd also be more willing to buy more food and drink

Brain Power

  • Books: Small Is the New Big
    By: Kristin Clarke Three books offer a look at how subtle techniques can help you change others' behaviors and attitudes at work and at home, how meeting planners can adopt sustainability practices, and why our brains are wired to connect.
  • How To Tune Into Your Members' Needs
    By: Kristin Clarke Country Music Association CEO Sarah Trahern says an internal research team and expanded media and corporate sponsorships allow CMA to best serve both its members and listeners.
  • What Belongs on Your Resume?
    Resume advice from Cheryl Palmer, M.Ed., CPRW, career coach at Call to Career, including whether having a link to your LinkedIn profile is a must-have and when to include and not include your GPA.
  • How I Got Here: Janet McEwen, CAE
    Her first job was as a wig salesperson at a local department store, but today she's director of corporate relations at the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. Find out how she got from there to now.

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  • DOJ to Review Music Licensing Rules
    By: Chris Vest, CAE The Department of Justice is considering changes to decades-old music licensing rules, which could affect association events.