• Cover Story: Use Data to Build Member Engagement
    By: Melanie D.G. Kaplan Associations are good at collecting data, but they're less adept at analyzing it or knowing what to do with the gold mine of information they have. But that's changing. As technology becomes more affordable, organizations are harnessing "big data" to improve the ways they interact with members.
  • Keep a Lock on Your Data
    By: Mark Athitakis Every association faces data-security threats. The appropriate fix has as much to do with keeping staff smart as it does with keeping hackers at bay. The right tools and best practices can help prevent your data from landing in the wrong hands.
  • Try a Hackathon to Boost Innovation
    By: Katie Bascuas Could your next great idea come from a hackathon? Taking a note from the tech world, organizations are realizing the value in this intense, collaborative type of group problem solving.
  • The Power (and Dangers) of Giving in the Workplace
    By: Kristin Clarke "Workplace giving" is no longer about philanthropy, according to social scientist Adam Grant. Rather, it's about getting work done—your work, your organization's work—and done well. Learn how givers are powerful drivers of business success.
  • Successfully Plan and Hold a Meeting Abroad
    By: Compiled by Samantha Whitehorne Planning an overseas meeting presents the same challenges as planning a domestic one—and a whole lot more. Get an inside look at three recent global meetings held by U.S.-based associations to learn how they did it.


The A List

  • Ask the CEO: Entrepreneurs' Organization
    Entrepreneurs' Organization CEO Bob Strade explains the passion of entrepreneurs, the challenge of global growth, and the many ways his association keeps up with member needs and demands.
  • Replacing a Rogue Chapter with a Virtual Presence
    By: Rob Stott When its L.A. affiliate fell off course, the Council of Better Business Bureaus was forced to shut the group down, but business had to continue for one of CBBB's largest regions. A virtual chapter helped them continue to serve businesses and consumers.
  • International Expansion Via a Tradeshow
    By: Katie Bascuas The International Carwash Association recently announced a new tradeshow  in Amsterdam. The show is part of the association's attempt to reach more members and potential members globally.
  • Comings & Goings: May/June 2014
    New hires and personnel moves in associations.


  • 3 Tips for Managing Organizational Change
    By: Susan Avery, CAE Associations can't stand still while the world changes around them. One association executive shares the three essential components to carrying out a major strategic change initiative.
  • 3 Lessons: Exile Your Ego
    Victor Leon, chief information officer at the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, says smart leaders understand one fundamental truth: Leadership isn't all about them. A focus on others leads to the best results.
  • CEO to CEO: Inventing New Technology
    CEOs share what one piece of technology they would invent to help them do their jobs better.

Money & Business

  • Generate Nondues Revenue With Your Licensing Strategy
    By: Kristin Clarke The American Dental Association's licensing program shows that a solid strategy can help any association repurpose already-existing products and content and make a profit at the same time.
  • Reporting Fraud on Form 990
    By: Laura Kalick If your organization has been the victim of fraud by a trusted employee, volunteer, or vendor, you may need to report it to the Internal Revenue Service. Here's when and how to disclose a significant "diversion of assets" on your Form 990.
  • Choosing the Right Office Space
    A commercial real estate pro shares some smart tips on choosing the ideal place for your office.
  • Idea Bank: Epilepsy Foundation Borrows "Shark Tank" Concept
    By: Rob Stott Taking a cue from a hit TV series, the Epilepsy Foundation asked members to step into the "Shark Tank" and present unique and innovative ideas in epilepsy and seizure care. Winning concepts received startup funding.
  • Data: Virtual, Hybrid Conferences Growing
    Increasingly, associations are putting technology to use for meetings in creative ways, with some events streamed on the web or hosted entirely online.
  • Associations USA: Colorado
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Centennial State.


  • Choosing the Right Mobile App
    By: David Jaffe Do you want differentiated tools or one mega app? Find out which one, or more, of the eight types of mobile apps might be right for your association.
  • The Pros and Cons of Mobile Tracking
    By: Katie Bascuas Karim Guirguis, CIO at the American Bankruptcy Institute, discusses a new proximity-based technology and its possible benefits to associations. He also explains some of the downsides to this type of technology.
  • I Can't Live Without My ... GroupMe App
    By: Katie Bascuas This app allows users to coordinate group activities or chat with friends, relatives, and coworkers.



  • Meetings Memo: How One Meeting Said Goodbye to Paper
    By: Samantha Whitehorne The American Society for Surgery of the Hand went completely paperless for the first time at its October 2013 meeting. It was successful due to a well-thought-out plan that added an element of fun.
  • Destination: Portland, Oregon
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Oregon's largest city packs a punch with its green mentality and vibrant food scene.

Brain Power

  • Books: The Strength of Givers
    By: Kristin Clarke Three books look at how givers in the workplace benefit the bottom line, the science and art of receiving feedback, and how to speed innovation and adaptability in your organization.
  • Learning: How to Find New Sources of Expertise
    By: Kristin Clarke Author Noreena Hertz says organizations have become far too accepting of what so-called "experts" have to say, which is no good for members or society or large. Learn how to tap new and often-undervalued expert sources.

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  • Association Execs Take Their Tax Reform Concerns to the Hill
    By: Chris Vest, CAE Since House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Rep. David Camp (R-MI) unveiled his plan for comprehensive tax reform, there has been little real progress. That hasn't stopped associations from voicing their opinions on the issue.