• Will 2014 Be the Year Tax Reform Arrives?
    By: Mark Athitakis Tax reform has been a hot topic in Congress over the past year, and seemingly everything is on the table, including nonprofits' activities. Even with the recent release of a formal legislative proposal, real progress on a bill seems unlikely in an election year. Regardless, the smart association is already preparing.
  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
    By: Joe Rominiecki Recent high-profile cases of embezzlement at nonprofits remind us that fraud is a constant risk. Hear from several association executives who have seen embezzlement firsthand and learn what you can do to avoid a similar fate.
  • Cover Story: Fostering Fundraising Success Via Social Media
    By: Melanie D.G. Kaplan Associations are fully entrenched in the world of social media—using various tools to communicate with and engage their audiences. But is it an effective tool for fundraising? The answer is no—and yes.


The A List

  • Ask the CEO: National Speakers Association
    National Speakers Association CEO Stacy Tetschner, FASAE, CAE, explains how his organization stays relevant to its members in a rapidly changing world—and shares some personal lessons he's learned from raising a child with Down Syndrome.
  • Enlisting Volunteers to Give the Gift of a Smile
    By: Julie Shoop The Central Arizona Dental Society recruits dental professionals to put their skill with a drill to good use providing free services to community residents who might not otherwise get care. Its annual "Mission of Mercy" event benefits volunteers too: They build their sense of community and make valuable connections.
  • Study Illustrates How European Lobbyists Can Measure Success
    By: Katie Bascuas New survey data shows how EU lobbyists are calculating their influence.
  • Comings and Goings: March/April 2014
    A roundup of new hires and other personnel moves in the association industry.


  • Lessons from a Litigation Journey
    By: Julie Shoop The Performance Marketing Association learned some valuable lessons about undertaking a court battle while simultaneously lobbying on the same issue in state legislatures. Among them: Get ready for a long haul, commit sufficient resources, and make sure your members know your organization hasn't abandoned their other needs.
  • 3 lessons: Eyes Wide Open
    Lou DiGioia, CAE, sees the good, the bad, and the impact of his decisions.
  • CEO to CEO: Leadership Skills
    CEOs tell of the one leadership trait that they would like to give more attention to and improve upon.
  • How Being Well Makes You a Better Leader
    By: Mariama S. Boney, CAE When your life is out of balance, your work suffers, but it's about a lot more than that. Learn concrete ways to improve your well-being in five key areas. It will make you a healthier person and a more effective leader.

Money & Business

  • Get Vendors to Create and Sell Your Content
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Industry partners and vendors tend to be the experts on the products and services that they are trying to sell to associations and their members. Try leveraging that knowledge to create engaging content for members and bring in additional revenue for the association.
  • Flexible New Rules for Flexible Spending Accounts
    By: Dan Brandenburg New IRS rules for health flexible spending accounts give employers a new option for administering this employee benefit—but employers have to choose between alternatives. Here's what you need to know to decide whether to amend your plan.
  • E&O: Protecting Against Everyday Exposure
    One insurance pro explains why associations may want to consider an errors and omissions, or professional liability, insurance policy.
  • Idea Bank: A Calendar Drives Your Mission Year-Round
    By: Rob Stott A 2014 calendar is a win-win-win for local businesses, a comedy festival, and the Liberty Humane Society.



  • Do You Know What Your Members Are Willing to Pay?
    By: Sheri Jacobs, CAE The value of a member benefit is sometimes hard to measure. One way to do it: Ask members what they would be willing to pay for it. You'll get an important glimpse into the perceived value of your products and services.
  • Three Engagement Tips From For-Profit Clubs
    By: Joe Rominiecki A strong focus on benefits and customer experience make clubs like Costco masters of member engagement. Associations can take a few cues from their for-profit kin.
  • Best Benefit Ever: Ethics Assessment Tool
    The Association of Fundraising Professionals developed a questionnaire to help members evaluate the ethics of their fundraising practices and lets them compare their results against aggregate scores across the profession.


  • Crowdsourcing Your Conference Agenda
    By: Samantha Whitehorne One way to generate some serious buzz for your association's next conference? Let members have some control over the meeting-planning process like the National Association of Plan Advisors recently did.
  • Destination: Montreal
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Canada's second-largest city features European flavor and venues that will up your meetings game.

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