• Cover Story: Bite-Size Learning for a Digital World 
    By: Mark Athitakis The American Alliance of Museums is exploring the fast-changing world of digital learning. Its new "digital badging" system--a series of microcredentials for bite-size education units--may be a model that other associations will soon follow.
  • #TeamCool: How Fitness Australia Turned Culture Into Action
    By: Joe Rominiecki At Fitness Australia, being cool is part of the job. The 23-staff association's culture, dubbed "Team Cool," is the foundation for how they communicate, meet, and evaluate performance. And none of it is by accident. It took years of work to from catchphrase to cultural framework.
  • Get Smart About Gathering Business Intelligence
    By: Kristin Clarke A former CIA officer, now CEO of the International Spy Museum, reveals how associations can borrow from the spy's playbook to gather intelligence on their competition. Tip number one: The tradeshow floor is an intelligence gold mine. Read what he and two highly competitive associations advise about putting an intel system in place—and, pssst, pass it on.


The A List
  • Ask the CEO: American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
    Ann Turner, Ph.D., FASAE, CAE, describes her biggest challenge--leading an organization serving professionals ranging from scientists to manufacturers to salespeople--and shares what she does when it's time to unwind.
  • How an Association Job Fair Became Much More
    By: Julie Shoop The Thurgood Marshall College Fund learned that it had to do more than place students in jobs: It had to help them cope with a workplace culture different from the world they came from. And so its annual Leadership Institute was born.
  • Boost Your Global Profile in Print
    By: Mark Athitakis Looking for an entry point into a new global market? Publishing can help you introduce your association to an international audience. Here's how the Institute of Food Technologists used its magazine to establish a foothold in China.
  • Comings & Goings: November 2013
    A roundup of new hires and other personnel moves in the association industry.
  • Use Your Volunteers to Guide Your Board
    By: Mark Athitakis When faced with an urgent and potentially game-changing decision, your instinct is probably to go straight to your board. But the better move may be to turn to a larger group of engaged volunteers who can talk through the issue and set the stage for board decision making.
  • 3 Lessons: Time, Truth, and Tough Calls
    Stefano Bertuzzi, executive director of the American Society for Cell Biology, says his leadership formula combines quality time away from the office, people who will tell him how things really are, and a willingness to have difficult conversations.
  • CEO to CEO: Unplugging for the Holidays
    CEOs share their tips for getting away from the busywork and enjoying time with family during the holidays.
Money & Business
  • Three Keys to Nondues Revenue
    By: Andrew S. Lang, FASAE In his final column for the magazine, Associations Now's "New Money" columnist distills four years of nondues revenue stories down to three recurring secrets to success.
  • Why You Need a Legal Audit
    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson Are you as diligent in monitoring your organization's legal health as you are in looking out for its financial well-being? Put a legal audit on your regular to-do list to ensure your organization is meeting all its obligations under the law.
  • Corporate Marketing Strategies For Nonprofits
    Chief Marketing Officer Suzanne Carawan of HighRoad Solution explains how association marketers can take a cue from their corporate counterparts to brand better.
  • Idea Bank: Mobile App Catalog Spurs Innovation
    By: Rob Stott The National Association of State Chief Information Officers recently launched an app-catalog on its website where members can upload state-specific apps for others to learn from and model after.
  • Data: Missing Out on Search-Engine Marketing
    A survey shows that associations missing out on paid search-engine marketing. It's a huge business--Google sold $40 billion in search ads in 2012--but only a small portion of associations are using it.
  • Associations USA: Vermont
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Green Mountain State.
  • Fact or Fiction: Demystifying Open-Source Software
    By: Katie Bascuas Is open source-software really free? Is it secure? Renato Cruz Sogueco and Moira Edwards, CAE, shed some light on some of the myths surrounding this technology solution.
  • How to Go Mobile Without an App
    If your association lacks the time or resources to develop an app, there are several alternatives. American Institute of Architects Managing Director of Web Management and Development Jonathan Sullivan shares how to think outside the mobile-app box.
  • I Can't Live Without My ... Voxer App
    Tired of typing? This push-to-talk app allows users to send short voice messages to one another, walkie-talkie style.
  • Credit Card Auto-Renewal on the Rise
    By: Joe Rominiecki Associations are adopting automatic payments via credit and debit cards for membership renewals. It's a handy feature to offer members, but it comes with a new set of duties for membership staff.
  • 3 Tips for Keeping Retirees Engaged
    By: Joe Rominiecki With members of baby boomer generation transitioning to their post-career lives, associations are learning how to keep them involved. For many of them, "retired" is just a job status.
  • Best Benefit Ever: Financial Assistance for Conference Travel
    The Society for Neuroscience offers a variety of awards to members of the neuroscience community to attend its conferences. The assistance helps in fostering diversity by bringing new, fresh ideas and perspectives to its meetings.
  • Staying Fit While on the Road
    By: Samantha Whitehorne How some hotels chains are keeping guests in top shape while they're away from home by offering new and unique workouts and fitness activities.
  • Destination: Wilmington, Delaware
    By: Samantha Whitehorne The First State's largest city offers a prime location, revitalized waterfront, and plenty of noteworthy venues to host an upcoming meeting or event.
  • Data: Convene Green Stat of the Month on America's 2011 E-Waste
    The amount of waste from electronics, including outdated cellphones and smartphones, created in 2011 by the United States, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Brain Power
  • Books: Survival Amid Chaos
    By: Kristin Clarke Three publications take a look at how injecting chaos into the right places leads to business opportunities, the benefits of unleashing creative potential, and moving beyond your job description.
  • The New Role of CIOs
    By: Kristin Clarke Dachis Group's Chief Strategy Officer and ASAE Technology Conference Thought Leader Dion Hinchcliffe on the new role of chief information officers in driving organizations forward.
  • Share Your Success in the Workplace
    Advice from Carol Vernon, certified executive coach and principal of Communication Matters, about how to use stories to share your successes and benefit your career.
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  • No Two Association-Consultant Relationships Are Alike
    By: Apryl Motley, CAE No two associations are the same, and that goes for consulting projects too. That's why consultants offer associations a full plate of options for structuring relationships and selecting the best professionals to meet their needs.