• Cover Story: How to Win on Capitol Hill
    By: Mark Athitakis The small fees in credit- and debit-card transactions have made for a major legislative and legal battleground in recent years. The coalition led by the National Retail Federation's Mallory Duncan shows how a multi-pronged approach—from shoe leather on the Hill to crafting the right media message—can score the win. [Titled "The Big Win" in the print edition.]
  • Collaboration, Not Competition
    By: Melanie D.G. Kaplan Fierce competition among associations with similar interests is out. Collaboration is in. Working together makes dollars and sense, as three organizations in the finance industry discovered when they joined forces to attract members and leverage opportunities. [Titled "Value Added" in the print edition.]
  • 5 Ways Boards Are Killing Association Business Models
    By: Jeff De Cagna, FASAE It's easy for association boards to get mired in outdated, conventional thinking. In an era when associations face daunting challenges, the very boards charged with leading them may be their own worst enemies. Take a close look at the five ways that boards are killing business model innovation. [Titled "Trapped in the Past" in the print edition.]


The A List
  • Ask the CEO: American Association of Medical Assistants
    Donald Balasa, executive director, American Association of Medical Assistants, answers questions from AAMA member Chris Hollander.
  • My Workspace: Forever Young
    By: Julie Shoop On the International Legal Technology Association's photo wall, staff are kids at heart.
  • Association Research Keeps Kids Safe
    By: Julie Shoop American Camp Association's Healthy Camp Study leads to improved safety practices.
  • A Vote for Global Connections
    By: Mark Athitakis The Special Libraries Association uses its board election to spark international conversation. [Titled "Global Confidence" in the print edition.]
  • Comings and Goings
    A roundup of new hires and other personnel moves in the association industry.
Money & Business
  • Managing Legal Risks When You Meet Abroad
    By: George Constantine From registering your meeting with local authorities to negotiating special contract provisions and protecting your intellectual property, overseas meetings raise an array of legal issues that you should consider in planning the event. Here are five areas where you'll need to manage your risk. [Titled "Safe Passage" in the print edition.]
  • Your Office Space Ally
    When looking for prime commercial real estate, what should you consider before hiring a broker?
  • Idea Bank: Let's Connect
    By: Rob Stott Help your members get to know you by adding social media to your online staff directory.
  • 5 New Roles for Association Marketers
    By: Scott Oser A shifting industry requires association marketing professionals to be more strategic than ever.
  • Data Nugget: Mobile Advertising Small But Growing
    Mobile advertising in 2012 was up 75 percent over 2011. Is your association getting in on this growing market?
  • Associations USA: Arizona
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Grand Canyon State.
  • The Value of a Project Manager
    By: Katie Bascuas Lisa Stefanoff, chief information technology director at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, describes how a project manager drives toward results. [Titled "Stay Focused" in the print edition.]
  • Get Your Social Media Ducks in a Row
    By: Katie Bascuas How the American Diabetes Association created a uniform social media strategy for its national and myriad regional offices.
  • I Can't Live Without My ... AroundMe App
    Find the nearest ATM, restaurant, or gas station with the AroundMe app.
  • Rewards Add New Layer to Discount Programs
    By: Joe Rominiecki If your affinity discounts program is lackluster, consider adding a reward-points element to give it a boost. [Titled "Good as Gold" in the print edition.]
  • Stop Giving Away Your Most Valuable Benefits for Free
    By: Joe Rominiecki The American Land Title Association decided it would no longer grant free access to nonmembers to one of its most valuable benefits, a decision that brought its member numbers back from the brink during the housing crisis. [Titled "Free No More" in the print edition.]
  • Best Benefit Ever: Legal Advice
    The National Association of Broadcasters helps members navigate complex rules and regulations with a free legal hotline.
  • What's the Mood at Your Meeting?
    By: Samantha Whitehorne A look at how to measure your attendees’ emotional engagement at your meetings—and how it can make for even more successful events. [Titled "Feel Good Meetings" in the print edition.]
  • Destination: Nashville
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Music City is guaranteed to make your attendees feel like rock stars.
  • Data Nugget: Green Conference Centers
    A look at convention center that have attained green status.
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