• Cover Story: Corporate-Style Marketing for a Cause
    By: Mark Athitakis Taking a page from the corporate branding playbook, Lisa Stockmon of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has made the organization's mission clear and memorable. That's led to more revenue to fulfill it. [Titled "A Cause With Personality" in the print edition.]
  • Living Lean: How Associations Can Waste Less, Do More
    By: Mary Byers, CAE, and Harrison Coerver There is a lot of waste in associations, even though they have precious few resources to squander. The principles of lean processes, borrowed from the world of manufacturing, can be put to work to streamline the human workflows of associations, saving money, time, and energy and boosting member value. [Titled "Fix Your Flow" in the print edition.]
  • The Business Case for Quiet
    By: Kristin Clarke Icebreakers! Brainstorming sessions! Team-building exercises! If you're wincing, Quiet author Susan Cain understands. Here's how associations stay humming thanks to introverts, and how extroverts can support them. [Titled "Quiet Force" in the print edition.]


The A List
Money & Business
  • Bundling Dues and Publications for Revenue
    By: Andrew S. Lang, FASAE How the American Institute of Steel Construction hooked more members with a new approach to publications. [Titled "Better Together" in the print edition.]
  • Is It Advertising or Sponsorship?
    By: Laura Kalick The IRS treats revenue from advertising and sponsorship differently. Understand the distinction so you're sure to stay in compliance with tax laws. [Titled "And Now, A Word About Sponsors" in the print edition.]
  • Idea Bank: Generational Role-Play
    By: Rob Stott The National Association of Realtors has a card game to help make participants empathetic to generational differences. [Titled "Play Well With Others" in the print edition.]
  • Associations USA: North Dakota
    Associations are everywhere. Here's a snapshot from the Peace Garden State.
  • The Secondary Association: Serving a Niche Within a Niche
    By: Joe Rominiecki For associations like the International Association of Forensic Nurses, serving a hyper-specialty is both a challenge and a core selling point. [Titled "A Small Piece" in the print edition.]
  • What Millennials Want From Your Association
    By: Joe Rominiecki A report from the Southeastern Institute of Research offers three calls to action for associations to attract their next generation of members. [Titled "Wanted: Generation Y" in the print edition.]
  • Best Benefit Ever: Member Advisors
    The Snow and Ice Management Association matches veteran members with other members in need of guidance and advice.
  • Create a Detailed Disaster Plan
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Four things to consider when developing your next meeting's disaster plan. [Titled "Disaster Management" in the print edition.]
  • Destination: San Jose, California
    By: Samantha Whitehorne San Jose California's third-largest city is also one of the nation's greenest
Brain Power
  • Books: Path to Success
    By: Kristin Clarke Justice Sonia Sotomayor on overcoming obstacles
  • How to Make Better Decisions
    By: Kristin Clarke Chip and Dan Heath on avoiding poor decisions. [Titled "Deciding Factors" in the print edition.]
  • What Women Want
    Career advice from Carol Vernon, certified executive coach, principal of Communication Matters
[email protected]
  • Meetings That Make History
    By: Jeff Waddle History isn't just on the books—it's in the cities where associations hold meetings. A touch of history at your conference can give your members a reprieve from modern-day hustle or inspire new perspectives on today's problems. Here, take a brief tour of five history-laced southeastern cities with association executives who've been there. [Titled "Blast from the Past" in the print edition.]