• Cover Story: Monetize Mobile
    By: Beth Ziesenis Many associations are stepping into the mobile space with smartphone and tablet apps that members can use at conferences and to access useful content. But with the price tag to create an app starting at a few thousand dollars, associations are finding savings in new places and learning how to get a solid return on their investment.
  • A High-Stakes Turnaround Strategy
    By: Anna Caraveli How do you turn around an association in a precipitous state of decline? Consider the story of the Metals Service Center Institute, whose CEO relentlessly refocused the organization's strategy and operations on one goal: solving critical member problems
  • When Your Meeting Gets Political
    By: Jeff Waddle Even your best-laid plans can be thrown off course by unexpected currents of political or social controversy. When the waves start to rise, don't panic: You won't go under if you gather the facts, communicate clearly with members, and stay true to your organization's mission. (Titled "Riding a Wave of Controversy" in the print edition.)
  • Gary Shapiro on Innovation
    By: Interview by Mark Athitakis Innovation at associations won't happen when leaders aren't ambitious. Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro discusses how boards and executives can do better when they're more flexible, mission-focused, and just a little bit paranoid. (Titled "The Business Case for Thinking Big" in the print edition.)
  • How a CEO Can Leave Gracefully
    By: Leigh Wintz, FASAE, CAE More longtime association leaders are leaving their posts or thinking about doing so. One former CEO shares her insights about how to make sure a top executive's departure is as stress-free and respectful as possible. (Titled "Secrets of a Graceful Exit" in the print edition.)
  • Keep Your Volunteers Covered
    By: Jennifer J.Salopek The power of collaboration is in action every day at associations, as they gather and direct the work of legions of volunteers. But working with so many volunteers in a wide variety of roles leads to a unique set of risks. With solid risk-management methods and the right insurance coverage, you can make sure your association is ready should a volunteer problem arise.
  • Dynamic Budgeting in Uncertain Times
    By: Joanne Sammer A slow economic recovery coupled with a rapid pace of change makes budgeting a tricky endeavor. Several association financial professionals share how they’ve adapted their budgeting practices to increase flexibility and accommodate key stakeholders, financially savvy or not.
  • What’s on Your Plate?
    By: Linda C. Chandler While value and "bang for the buck" remain important, association food and beverage budgets are beginning to show signs of recovery. Chefs and conference venues in the West are ready to respond with menus that reflect current trends and tastes.
  • State of Creativity
    By: Jeff Waddle From state-of-the-art museums to lush gardens to historic missions, Florida has a wealth of options for meeting planners who want to showcase the Sunshine State’s abundant cultural offerings.


  • Live Like a Member
    By: Summer Mandell Jackie Kerin at the Assisted Living Federation of America spent a week living in an assisted-living facility to immerse herself in the work of ALFA's members.
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  • In Search of Creative Team Players
    By: Patricia Aiken-O'Neill How one retired small-staff CEO found employees who wear many hats and jump in to help others at any time.
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