• Cover Story: Benefit Corporations: A New Formula for Social Change
    By: Shelly Alcorn, CAE, and Mark Alcorn The traditional division between for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations is being blurred by an emerging form of business: the benefit corporation, which commits itself to providing social or environmental benefits while still showing a healthy bottom line. While they raise concerns for the nonprofit community, benefit corporations create new opportunities for associations to pursue their missions.
  • Partnering for International Nondues Revenue
    By: Douglas R. Kelly The National Restaurant Association had an education program that was ready to go global, but it couldn't expand by itself. By working with an experienced partner and staying flexible, the association increased revenue and established roots around the world. (Titled "Passport to International Markets" in the print edition.)
  • Hiring From Outside the Association World
    By: Nancy Mann Jackson Associations looking for the strongest talent the market has to offer are extending their search to distant horizons, hiring senior staff with an industry or for-profit background instead of bringing in seasoned association professionals. Learn the pluses and minuses of doing so—and what makes for an easier transition if you bring an association newcomer on board. (Titled "Get An Outside Perspective" in the print edition.)
  • Archiving Your Association's History
    By: Christine Umbrell Every association has a history, but many couldn't tell you what it is. An archiving effort can preserve and showcase members' shared past, renewing loyalty and commitment to the mission. (Titled "Institutional Memory" in the print edition.)
  • Should You Sell Your Expo?
    By: Douglas L. Ducate With the exhibition industry struggling and research estimating that recovery is still several years off, associations must find ways to maximize revenue from their tradeshows. One option may be to sell their expos to an outside partner or investor. (Titled "Priced to Sell" in the print edition.)
  • Give Back to Your Meeting's Host City
    By: Linda C. Chandler With all of the hard work that goes into planning your meeting or tradeshow, it can be easy to forget how much a host city does to prepare for the event. In Texas, organizations are finding that service or charitable projects are a great way to show appreciation to a local community and bond with members at the same time. (Titled "Say Thanks by Giving Back" in the print edition)
  • Web Design With a Member Focus
    By: Elizabeth Ayer and Timothy E. McMahon When the American Mathematical Society redesigned its website, it knew which communities it wanted to reach but wasn’t sure what content would resonate with them. By combining tech savvy and in-person research, AMS built a new site that grows with its members. (Titled “A People-Driven Web Redesign” in the print edition.)
  • Association Intranets That Work
    By: Beth Ziesenis Intranets are no longer just static repositories of HR memos and board minutes. They’re collaborative tools that help your staff perform better with each other and with volunteers. Here’s how a variety of associations have built flexible intranets that earn high marks with users. (Titled "Common Threads" in the print edition.)


  • Feel Like a Firefighter at Work?
    By: Aaron D. Wolowiec, CAE It's time to let a few of those fires burn out on their own and carve out some time in your work life for reflection and big-picture thinking.
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