• Cover Story: Culture Combination: The People Side of Association Mergers
    By: Whitney Redding When associations merge, previously separate groups of people must join forces and work together. This fusion of work styles, office traditions, and organizational structures is both critical to the success of a merger and the hardest to navigate. Here's how to make it work.
  • "We're All in Sales Now": Associations and the New Sales Economy
    By: Kristin Clarke Associations often say that all staffers are responsible for great customer service, but what about sales? No? Too late—the revolution within the "new sales economy" is already hitting associations, says bestselling author Dan Pink. The question is, what will we do about it?
  • How Four Leadership Programs Thrive
    By: Beth Ziesenis People who are new to your association's industry are eager to learn the ropes, so your leadership program needs to offer more than busywork. Four associations show how a strong program can establish long-lasting bonds with the next generation of professionals. (Titled "The First Steps to Leadership" in the print edition.)
  • Create Sponsorships That Partners Value
    By: Joanne Sammer The traditional association sponsorship has grown up. Increasingly, partnerships are providing the stronger relationship and greater marketing value that many companies are looking for—and the financial support that associations need to carry out their missions. (Titled "Partner Up" in the print edition.)
  • The Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs
    By: Jacqui Cook Healthier employees make for a stronger association. If you're looking to build a workplace with more staff camaraderie, greater productivity, and less absenteeism, an organization-wide wellness initiative can help you get there. And the gravy? Lower insurance costs. (Titled "Well at Work" in the print edition.)
  • I Want My WiFi: Conference Internet Access Without Breaking the Bank
    By: Christine Umbrell As meetings and tradeshows become ever more integrated with the web, demand from conference-goers for onsite wireless internet access has provided a new challenge to association meeting planners. Here's how conference planners and venues are answering the call for connectivity.


  • Contemplating My Professional Mortality
    By: Ericka Plater-Turner, CAE No one's job stays the same for long. As one association education professional watches her field evolve, she sees associations becoming less the source of expertise and more the facilitators of connections.
  • An Online Game for Civic Education
    By: Joe Rominiecki To teach kids about the work of county governments, the National Association of Counties reaches them at their level with an online game.
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  • A Financial Balancing Act
    By: A. Michael Gellman What to consider when looking at your short- and long-term financial strategy.
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