• Cover Story: From One-Time Grant to Long-Term Fundraising
    By: Douglas R. Kelly If your foundation was presented with $1 million and the Hollywood spotlight, would it be ready? At the National Association for Music Education, a partnership with the producers of the television show Glee was an opportunity to make an immediate impact on school music programs, but it also presented a challenge to build momentum for a long-term future of fundraising. [Titled "A Grant to Grow On" in the print edition.]
  • Why Senior Teams Get Left Out
    By: Kristin Clarke CEOs regularly turn to their senior management teams to make smart, timely decisions, right? Actually, not so much. Research shows that more often, leaders quietly consult with trusted "kitchen cabinets," which frustrates and confuses senior managers. Leadership consultant Robert Frisch outlines why and how CEOs need to properly use their senior management teams. [Titled "Circle of Influence" in the print edition.]
  • What Associations Can Learn from Political Campaigns
    By: Mark Athitakis and Kristin Clarke The hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners world of presidential campaign politics may seem a far cry from association management, but much of what James Carville and Karl Rove know about strategy speaks directly to association leaders. In separate interviews, they shared their secrets withAssociations Now. [Titled "The Strategists" in the print edition.]
  • The Right Price for Going Global
    By: Mark Athitakis Associations need to be flexible when they enter new markets, but they sometimes err on the side of undervaluing their products. A close look at your balance sheet, your goals, and the country you want to expand into can help you arrive at appropriate prices.
  • An Education Revolution
    By: Kim Fernandez Associations are leaving behind the traditional education-session format and introducing interactive, lively, much shorter sessions—often minus the PowerPoint slides. Members are loving it.
  • Negotiating Hotel Contracts
    By: Jeff Waddle For your association's big conference, you want a top-notch facility and a positive experience for your members. The hotel wants your business now and in the future. Both parties can meet their goals when you prepare thoroughly, stay firm but flexible in negotiations, and keep an eye on the details. [Titled "In the Fine Print, a Fair Deal" in the print edition.]


Small scale
  • No Small Staff Is an Island
    By: Samantha Whitehorne How the American Choral Directors Association has created a collaborative environment that benefits both its staff and members.
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