• Cover Story: Advocacy Partnerships That Work
    By: Bryan Ochalla Small associations with tight budgets often struggle to get their voices heard by legislators, so partnerships are critical. Here's how a number of organizations worked together to amplify a shared message, even when their core goals differed. (Titled "Different Missions, One Direction" in the print edition.)
  • Building a Flexible Culture from Chaos
    By: Samantha Whitehorne An inside look at how National Association of Catering Executives CEO Bonnie Fedchock transformed the organization in four-and-a-half years, creating a culture that's collaborative and flexible and puts members first.
  • The Demand Perspective
    By: Anna Caraveli and Andrea Pellegrino Think your association meets the demands of your members? Think again. Becoming a demand-driven organization requires an organization-wide commitment to adopting the perspectives of your members. Here are seven steps you can take to realign your association toward member demand.
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah on Honor and the Boardroom
    By: Interview by Mark Athitakis Whether it's tackling a major social justice issue or addressing a breach of ethics within your board, a sense of honor is critical. Author and philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah discusses how issues of honor have played out throughout history, and why it can be so hard to cultivate today. (Titled "The Honorable Thing to Do" in the print edition.)
  • Improve Your Nominations
    By: Leigh Wintz, CAE If your last call for volunteers didn't attract the kind of talent you hoped for, maybe it's time to rethink how you use volunteers and how you put out the call. Here's how two associations addressed their volunteer structures to attract engaged members who are eager to serve. (Titled "A New Way to Nominate" in print edition.)


  • "You Want Me to Pay More Money? Now?"
    By: Stephen E. Peeler When the American Moving and Storage Association decided to raise dues, it faced a difficult challenge in getting members to buy in, in the midst of a recession.
  • Show Staff That You Care
    Find out how you can make staff members feel recognized for the work that they do.
  • How Do You Get a Read on Members? (Hint: It's Not Always a Survey)
    By: Jennifer J. Salopek Just because you want to survey members doesn't mean you should. Uncover the best methods for getting answers.
  • Wringing More Revenue From One Publication
    By: Andrew S. Lang How the Hydraulic Institute increased sales by repurposing existing content and diversifying delivery systems
  • A Case Study in Sustainability Reporting
    By: Kristin Clarke The International Coalition of Mining and Metals' strategy to get its members to follow its new sustainability-reporting standards.
  • Communicate Value, Increase Membership
    By: Andrew Miller Tips on how to keep members by delivering what they value most.
  • Less Than One Third of Associations Report Having a Whistleblower Policy
    Some stats from the ASAE Foundation's Association 990 Key Ratios database shows what portion of associations have whistleblower policies.
  • Selecting Group Health Benefits and Self-Insurance
    By: James A. Woehlke Steps employers must take to self-insure group health benefits.
  • How Can European Associations Stay Relevant?
    Eight strategies to keep European associations important to the industries, members, and professions they serve.
  • 5 Tips for Fair Employee Compensation
    By: June B. Lane How to make sure you're paying your employees a fair and competitive salary.
  • How to Avoid Bungling Social Media
    By: Kristin Clarke Amber Mac outlines four mistakes to avoid when integrating a social media strategy with your association's communications strategy.
  • Controlled Chaos: Social Media Strategies the Amber Mac Way
    By: Kristin Clarke Social-media consultant and author Amber Mac offers advice for associations building their strategies and metrics in the new world of communication. Plus, she shares her favorite app, conference, social-media innovation, and more.
Small scale
  • Communicating Advocacy and Services Through Microsites
    By: Octavio B. Peralta How one association uses microsites to keep members and nonmembers up to date on the work it is doing.
Community now
  • CEO to CEO
    CEOs share their most useful devices and how they provide staff opportunities for professional development.
  • See it in St. Louis
    From food to sports, the host city of the 2011 Annual Meeting & Expo has something for everyone
  • 5 Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile
    By: Cheryl Palmer Think your profile will help you network or get a new job? It won’t if you make these five mistakes.
  • Associations in Action
    How associations are helping in Japan.
  • Partner Corner: Four tips to Integrate Social Media Into E-marketing
    By: Michael Al-Megdad Engage your members online by following these four tips.
  • Small Group, Big Space Needs, No Problem
    By: Jeff Waddle Meetings that have a low number of attendees but require lots of meeting space can be seen as "ugly ducklings" by many hotels. But as some Texas associations have learned, a little advance planning and flexibility can make for an event that charms everybody. (Titled "Sitting Pretty" in the print edition.)
  • When Disaster Strikes Your Meeting
    By: Jeff Waddle Florida offers eclectic environments and big-city amenities just steps from the beach, but wild weather and other disasters can put a damper on your event. Find out how you can be prepared if you encounter an emergency