• Cover Story: Breaking the Rules for Open Community
    By: Lindy Dreyer and Maddie Grant, CAE Web 2.0 means community now reaches beyond geographic location or membership status, pulling together anyone with a will to contribute or a desire to be involved. It also means many of the old rules about managing communities no longer apply. Here's how four associations have changed the way they work to engage their communities online.
  • 6 Lessons to Serve Members Better
    By: Miranda Barrett Providing great customer service starts from inside your organization. The Entrepreneurs' Organization has spent more than a year building a new culture that puts members first and has boosted staff morale and member retention. (Titled "Red Carpet Member Service" in the print edition.)
  • Lessons From Associations in Africa
    By: Interview by Mark Athitakis Concerned about improving membership, nondues revenue, and partnerships? Association professionals in Africa know the feeling. Here are some of the lessons they've learned from running organizations in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. (Titled "The State of the Continent" in the print edition.)
  • How Dissent Makes for a Stronger Association
    By: Beth Ziesenis Does your association have a formal process to voice opinions, or is dissent woven into its everyday culture? Either way, association leaders who promote the value of open discourse are generating better ideas and better results. (Titled "Dissent of the Highest Order" in the print edition.)
  • How to Create a Culture of Innovation
    By: Larry L. Robertson, CAE Fostering the good ideas that come from staff and members is the first step toward building innovation into your organization. The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy has created a blueprint for embracing innovation from its staff and putting new ideas into action. (Titled "Building an Innovation Culture" in the print edition.)
  • Should You Try Mediation Instead of Filing Suit?
    By: Denise A. Davenport and Lisa A. Stegink Even if your association can afford to litigate a dispute, suing may not be your best option. By pursuing alternative dispute-resolution methods such as mediation, you may be able to reach a settlement that preserves relationships and saves money. (Titled "Agreement Without Aggression" in the print edition.)
  • Associations Now Interactive Extra: Meetings Musts
    The third installment of Associations Now's new series of interactive digital extras focuses on association meetings and tradeshows.


  • 5 Lessons From My Most Difficult Year in Associations
    By: Betsy Boyd-Flynn, CAE Tough times come with tough lessons. One association professional shares some hard truths she's learned during a period of tight budgets and high staff turnover.
  • Train Moderators for Top-Notch Panel Presentations
    The Professional Convention Management Association hosts a training workshop for volunteers to learn how to skillfully facilitate panel-discussion presentations. (Titled "Master Moderators" in the print edition.)
  • What Mobile Means for Your Organization
    Find out what a recent survey says about smartphone users and what it means for your association.
  • Grow and Promote Your Organization With Groupon
    By: Amanda Prischak How the popular website can help associations reach new audiences.
  • How to Build Win-Win Educational Partnerships
    By: Bryan Ochalla The story behind one association's successful partnership venture.
  • Creativity, Not Just Cost Cutting
    By: Andrew S. Lang How the Vermont Insurance Agents Association keeps expenses low and value high.
  • What Your Association Needs to Know About Job Boards
    By: Eileen Morgan Johnson Potential legal issues that can arise when offering a job board.
  • 9 Things CEOs Should Know Before Reducing Staff
    By: Lisa G. Phillips Why an understanding of potential legal and human risk factors is necessary.
  • The Favorites Game: Starting right
    By: Kristin Clarke Life if good CEO Bert Jacobs shares his favorite T-shirt motto, ways to get people jazzed, and more.
  • Why Employee Training May Not Pay Off
    A new study finds that professional-development programs might actually increase turnover.
  • Survey Reveals State of the Association Meetings Market
    Some takeaways from the Association Meetings Forecasts and Trends Report 2011.
Small scale
  • Leadership Program Nets $57,000 in Revenue
    By: Laurie Kulikosky, CAE In response to its members' need for training on new industry standards, American Society of Transplant Surgeons launched a leadership development program that has boosted ASTS's reputation and its revenue.
Community now
  • CEO to CEO: Stress and Succession Plans
    Dealing with stress on the job and succession planning.
  • Set Your Annual Meeting Schedule
    Pencil these Annual Meeting & Expo events into your planner
  • Associations in Action
    A look at what associations are doing to help in their communities.
  • 8 Study Resources for the CAE Exam
    Crack open these books recommended by the CAE Commission.
  • Learn to Make LinkedIn Work for You
    Questions answered during a recent CareerHQ.org webinar.
  • Partner Corner: Help Your Employees Plan Their Retirement
    By: Kim McVicker Tips to assist your employees with smart financial planning.
  • New Research From the ASAE Foundation
    A preview of research and education events being presented at Annual Meeting.
  • 3 Ideas to Do Your Job Better
    Three tips to work smarter from ASAE’s 199 Ideas book series.
  • Comments: Readers Speak Out
    Readers share their views on recent Associations Now articles.
  • Big Meetings in Not-So-Big Cities
    By: Linda C. Chandler Association meeting planners can be hesitant to pursue a meeting in so-called second-tier cities. But plenty of organizations have learned that smaller locations in the Southeast can have the capacity, venues, nightlife, and charm of a major metropolis. (Titled "Bright Meeting, Smaller City" in the print edition.)