• Cover Story: The Many Personalities of Board Members
    By: Samantha Whitehorne Some board members are more challenging to work with than others, but you can learn to understand even the most confusing board personalities.
  • The First Word on Governance
    By: Mark Athitakis Why Kenneth N. Dayton's advice about nonprofit boards endures after 25 years.
  • How a CEO Promotes Change to a Board
    By: Compiled by Joe Rominiecki From the CEO position, you might see a need for change long before your board does. But how do you urge the board to take a new direction without overstepping your bounds?
  • Associations Now Interactive Extra: Know Your Board
    The first installment of Associations Now's new series of interactive digital extras zooms in on key governance challenges for association CEOs.


  • Dos and Don'ts for Working With Boards
    Whether you're working with new or established volunteer leaders, proper board orientation is a must. Below, Philip Lesser, Ph.D., CAE, vice president of Bostrom Corporation, shares six tips on working with board members.
  • Strategy Starters for Boards
    Strategic discussions require a mindset that doesn't come naturally to all of us. The activities are warm-up exercises intended to stretch your board leaders' mental muscles and get them ready to dive into strategic issues.
  • 9 Steps to Stronger Board Performance
    Managing the performance of your board is a constant cycle of foundation, action, and evaluation. Read to find out how each fits into the cycle.
  • Plan Accessible Meetings in the Southeast
    By: Nancy Mann Jackson You've snagged the best room rates, chosen the tastiest meals, and created an engaging program for your meeting attendee. But are those great offerings accessible to all? Here's how to make sure your next meeting is accessible for members with disabilities.