• Cover Story: Rethink Motivation
    By: Samantha Whitehorne If you think that money and other external rewards are the only way to motivate yourself, your staff, and even your members, it's time for a change. Bestselling author Daniel Pink talks about how associations can make the most of the new elements of motivation: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. (Titled "Time to Dump the Carrots and Sticks" in print version.)
  • Online Video: Not as Scary as You Think
    By: Cindy Loffler Stevens As online video continues to grow as a medium, it means videographer, director, and video editor are all new hats for an association professional to wear. One association communicator has found great early success with video and shares her tips for doing video right. Plus, a visual guide to an effective video. (Titled "Simple Steps for Better Video" in print version.)
  • Good Advice About Bad Advice
    By: Joe Rominiecki Advice comes from every direction, and not all of it is sound. Several association professionals share the worst tips and guidance they've ever been offered and the unexpected lessons they learned as a result. (Titled "What's the Worst Advice You Ever Got?" in print version.)
  • Leading a Globally Diverse Board
    By: Leo Roodhart A genuinely international board means more than just where its members are located. The former president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers shares the challenges and benefits of a board abroad and how the culture of the organization is crucial for success.
  • How Two Experts Build Strong Web Communities
    By: Interview by Ron Hogan Your association may have plenty of followers and commenters, but you haven't necessarily built a community. The leaders of two large and vibrant destinations for online discussion and debate share what they've learned about keeping visitors engaged and civil. (Titled "A Site That Entices" in print version.)
  • Advertising 2.0
    By: Douglas R. Kelly In the new and changing arena of interactive advertising, it's easy to get caught up in the hype around the tools and forget about your goals. Learn how developing a precise and concrete business plan can keep you from digging yourself a hole of lost revenue that you can't get out of. (Titled "The Medium and the Message" in print version.)
  • What's Next in Association Finance
    By: Facilitated by Andrew S. Lang The rough economy has forced many associations to make tough decisions. But how will those decisions, and others, play out over the long term? A group of association finance experts weigh in on what changes may be in store.
  • Risk Management Know-How
    By: Susan Gurevitz Associations large and small can benefit from the elements of enterprise risk management. Learn how your organization can make it work. (Titled "Why It's Risky Not to Manage Risk" in print version.)
  • Global Strategies for Association Success
    By: Beth Ziesenis The global economy has seen rapid change in the last decade, and the recent recession has only complicated international opportunities for U.S.-based associations. But organizations with a solid international development plan are likely to encounter the latest ups and downs as speed bumps and not road blocks. (Titled "Global Strategies That Rise Above the Rest" in print version.)
  • Small Meeting Spaces in the West
    By: Linda Hagen-Miller From the Colorado Rockies to the Aloha State, the Western United States is big, bold, and spacious. And despite its grandeur, it's perfect for your next small meeting. (Titled "Wide-Open Spaces for Small Meeting Places" in print version.)


  • Radically Relational: The Social Conference
    By: Jeff Hurt The traditions of meetings and conferences are losing their value. Today's conferences must be social, connecting attendees in ways they can do nowhere else.
  • Flip This Tradeshow
    What if attendees manned their own booths in the exhibit hall? What if vendors came to you? One tradeshow did just that.
  • What You Need to Know About Citizens United
    By: Jerald A. Jacobs The Supreme Court's recent ruling could have a big impact on associations and nonprofits. Here's why.
  • Postcard From a Volunteer Leader
    By: Patsy Phillips Three months into her tenure, a volunteer president faces big challenges.
  • Simple Ways to Save the Sale
    By: Kim Fernandez Sales experts from Lands End and on what works to close a sale.
  • PR Campaign Draws Strength From the Grassroots
    By: Nancy Mann Jackson How the power of member participation powered up one association's image campaign.
  • Get Your Tagline Right
    Powerful, expressive, meaningful—is your association's tagline everything it should be?
  • International Meetings Measure Their Green Footprint
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE Five tips to help you meet global expectations for conference sustainability.
  • Authority, Agents, and Your Association
    By: Bryan K. Prosek The surprising truth about who can bind your association to a legal agreement.
  • IRS Pursuing Association Audits More Aggressively
    By: James P. Sweeney and Robert H. Billig Be prepared for questions on compensation, governance, and unrelated business income at your next audit.
  • Get Out of a Career Rut
    By: Vinay Kumar If you’re feeling stuck in your current job, these seven steps will help you move forward and find success.
Small scale
  • The Right Communication Tool
    By: Sylvia Dresser Communication takes on even greater importance in a small-staff association. Here's how one organization found a process that works for them.
Community now
  • CEO to CEO: Staff Turnover and Industry-Versus-Association Experience
    Your colleagues discuss how they handle sudden staff departures and whether they prefer to hire association-management experts or industry experts.
  • Inside: The Great Snow-Out
    Associations Now editors share behind-the-scenes perspectives on the work that went into bringing you this month's issue.
  • Lessons From the 2009 Annual Meeting
    Former attendees share how they've utilized what they learned at the conference.
  • Associations in Action: Help for Haiti
    An earthquake in Haiti brings out the best in associations.
  • Knowledge Center FAQs: Explaining Dues Increases
    Resources to help you effectively communicate dues increases to your members.
  • Partner Corner: Social Media's Effect on Online Career Centers
    By: Christine Smith Social media can be a good thing for your online career center. Find out why.
  • Smart Moves
    A roundup of new hires and personnel announcements in the association industry.
  • Career FAQs: Tips for Your Job Search
    By: John Shlaes How to network, research, and evaluate the current market in your job search.