• Cover Story: Build Multimedia Into Your Publication’s Strategy
    By: Mark Athitakis The web-savvy staffers of ABA Journal spent a year improving their multimedia skills for its Legal Rebels project. Editing podcasts, posting video, and hosting Twitter chats didn't just make for a more dynamic publication. The magazine also came away with a stronger bottom line and a closer relationship with its readers.
  • Scenario Planning Power for Unsettled Times
    By: Bruce E. Balfe and Barton G. Tretheway, CAE When organizations want to develop strategies around potential changes in their operating environment, they often turn to scenario planning. But are they utilizing its full power? Countervailing forces analysis offers a structured way to integrate the unexpected into scenarios and prepare an association for a wide array of possible futures.
  • Membership Lessons From For Profits
    By: Kim Fernandez Membership is no longer just for associations and nonprofits. More and more for profits have jumped on the bandwagon, realizing that by allowing customers to become members, they are fostering a sense of belonging and improving customer loyalty. Now it's time for associations to learn from these for-profit membership models.
  • Stop Turnover Before It Happens
    By: Lynda McDaniel Your best employees might have one eye on the door, and once the recovery begins in earnest, they'll have plenty of new opportunities to choose from. Experts share advice on the steps you can take now to keep them. (And if your retention efforts fail, they also have tips on how to fill the void that great employees leave behind when they go.)
  • Transformative Leadership at the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind
    By: Doug Eadie and Virginia Jacko When Virginia Jacko lost her sight, it was just the beginning of a new stage in her extraordinary journey. She shares key lessons she's learned about leadership in a career that's taken her from a position as a financial executive at Purdue University to her current role as CEO of the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind.
  • When the Welcome Party's Over
    By: Lisa Junker, CAE You've read the employee handbook, reviewed your predecessor's files, and reached out to key staff and volunteers. But as a new employee, you can still be tripped up by an invisible barrier: the unwritten rules that are unique to each association. In this month's Associations Now case study, a new membership director tries to recover from an early mistake.


  • Are We Pursuing Best Practices or Common Practices?
    By: William M. Burns, CAE One association executive believes associations are collectively perpetuating a bank of practices that just don't work anymore.
  • Building Community With Every Sip
    Take your association's message to a product that many of your members use every day.
  • What a Speaker Wants
    Meeting planners: Answer these questions for a more successful event—and happier speakers.
  • Employment Law Update
    By: Gregory S. Jacobs and Leslie A. Peterson What you need to know about changes in employment law.
  • Make Customer Service a Team Effort
    By: Aria White How one association turned its entire staff into a customer service team.
  • Powerful Service, One Customer at a Time
    By: Lauren Kelley Would you take a member's call at home at 5 a.m.? One dedicated association staffer has.
  • 10 Tips to Pick Your Best Social Networking Platform
    By: Andy Steggles Not sure which social media platform is right for your association? These 10 tips will help.
  • Five Ways Associations Can Use Online Games
    By: Jon Aleckson Bring buzz and "stickiness" to member retention, public outreach, and conference marketing with online games.
  • Management Tips From the Managed
    By: Maggie McGary Consider these five ideas to break out of a rut and become the best manager you can be.
  • The Value of Knowing Your Costs
    By: Andrew S. Lang Know these key steps to determine your association's real costs and to update your association's prices accordingly.
  • Easing the Withdrawal Process
    By: Jennifer J. Salopek A three-stage process for smoother sunsetting of programs and products.
  • Association Writes New Prescription for "Laserlike Focus"
    By: Jennifer J. Salopek The National Association of Chain Drug Stores shares what can be accomplished with tight focus and a 1,000-day plan.
  • Pumping Up Supply Chain Diversity
    Kristin Clarke, CAE
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE Benefit your business and increase diversity in your industry with strategic supply-chain management.
Small scale
  • A Year of Failure Ends in Success
    By: Jim Booth, CAE Making a major change in your organizations AMS system can be difficult, especially during a down economy. One small staff association tried it and shares its lessons.
Community now
  • CEO to CEO: New CEO Tips, Member Recruitment
    Association CEOs share their tips for new CEOs and their best member-recruitment tools.
  • Inside: Unique Association Pros, A New Perspective on Media
    Associations Now editors share behind-the-scenes perspectives on the work that went into bringing you this month's issue.
  • Go Global to Get Results
    By: Interview by Summer Faust What are the benefits of a study mission to South America? An Argentina-based professional shares a few.
  • Partner Corner: Benchmarking Employee Benefits
    Retain staff members with competitive employee benefits.
  • Leadership Through Golf: Career Lessons from the Course
    By: Thomas H. Pierce Golf and business go hand in hand. Find out the link between leadership and golf.
  • Web Redesign: The Foundation of Site Architecture
    By: Amy Hissrich Wrangling your current content and planning it for the future lays the groundwork for a website redesign.
  • Knowledge Center FAQs: Dealing With Conflict
    Resources can help you manage conflict with your coworkers and board members.
  • New Administration, New Changes for Associations
    By: Samantha Whitehorne It's been a little more than a year since President Obama and his administration made their way to Washington, DC. With their arrival came new priorities, which have meant a number of changes for associations. Here's how organizations are making the most of it and what it means for their day-to-day work.