• Cover Story: Inside the Informal Organization
    By: Kristin Clarke That conversation going on around the coffee machine may be the key to your organization's future success. Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan, coauthors of Leading Outside the Lines, demystify the "informal organization"—the unofficial networks and communities that develop among staff—and explain why associations in particular are poised to benefit from its strengths. (Titled "The Secret Life of Your Association" in the print edition.)
  • 4 Qualities of an Innovative Association
    By: Stephanie Schall It's not about finding the most creative people. Rather, innovation succeeds when the conditions are right, and your association can work to develop four specific structural and strategic qualities that will build a solid base for innovative ideas to stand upon. (Titled "The Innovation Equation" in the print edition.)
  • How to Measure International Efforts
    By: Michael Michaud, CAE The American Society of Mechanical Engineers' commitment to growing internationally involves more than translations and policy statements. Here's how ASME crunches its numbers to discover what does and doesn't work around the world, down to the last web visitor. (Titled "The Measure of Global Success" in the print edition.)
  • The Legal Risks of New Technology
    By: Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum and A. J. Zottola Even though new technologies offer a number of benefits to associations, they can bring potential legal traps as well. Here's what you need to know to keep your association from getting caught in one. (Titled "Don't Get Trapped" in the print edition.)
  • No Dues, More Members
    By: Susan Krug, CAE, and Abigail Gorman When the American Dental Education Association eliminated individual member dues in 2006, membership increased sevenfold in just a few months. It was a radical change, but as a result, ADEA's member engagement, advocacy, meeting attendance, and even paid institutional membership have all grown as well. Here's how ADEA made open membership work. (Titled "Come In, We're Open" in the print edition.)
  • Two Tradeshows Become One
    By: Linda C. Chandler There are so many things—good and bad—that can happen when you combine two tradeshows into one. But when the National Automated Merchandising Association launched OneShow, it created an event that exceeded the sum of its parts.


  • Is Your Board Run Amok?
    By: Roy Snell An association CEO is ultimately responsible for the behavior and performance of the association’s board. If your board members micromanage and reach beyond their roles, it’s up to you to rein them in.
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  • CVBs Create Connections
    By: Jeff Waddle Convention and visitors bureaus are helping associations create customized meeting experiences for members online, from room registrations to closing-night get-togethers.