• Cover Story: Walk a Mile in Your Attendees' Shoes
    By: Thomas M. Bohn, CAE Your conference attendees are deeply affected by the finer points of a meeting, such as registration lines, room sizes, signage, and refreshments. Take the time to see your meeting from your attendees' perspective, and you'll get all the details right.
  • Hybrid Meetings That Offer the Best of Both Worlds
    By: Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE Hybrid meetings aim to integrate live and virtual events into one successful conference. The American Institute of Architects and the American Society for Training and Development held their first true hybrid meetings in 2009, but approached them in entirely different ways. Here, those involved share what went right, what they'd change, and what you can learn from their experiences.
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Business Etiquette
    By: Bryan Ochalla If you're wondering what to do in a boardroom when your phone rings or when to accept a member's Facebook friend request, you need a crash course in business etiquette. Take it from the etiquette experts: Having manners goes beyond keeping your elbows off the dining-room table.
  • Chip and Dan Heath on How to Make a Switch
    By: Interview by Mark Athitakis Plenty of organizations avoid addressing problems because they seem too big. Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of Switch, have little patience for that kind of thinking. Simple appeals to our emotional and rational selves, they argue, can result in amazing transformations.
  • When to Grease the Squeaky Wheel
    By: Whitney Redding Instead of getting cranky about the critics in your organization, it's time to embrace them. Responding to complaints productively requires strong listening skills, patience, and an understanding of how the rules of engagement are changing for associations today.
  • Success Through Sustainability: 15 Top Association Trends
    By: Kristin Clarke, CAE Associations are finding new value in social responsibility efforts—from energy-efficient computing and expanded ethics policies to industry surveys and awards. We take a look at 15 top trends making a difference in associations and nonprofits today.
  • The Ties That Bind: Ending a Long-Term Business Partnership
    By: Lisa Junker, CAE After years of working closely together, it's only natural that a business partner can also become a friend. In this month's Associations Now case study, a marketing manager struggles with the line between friendship and business when he discovers that his association might be better off working with a new partner.
  • A Greener Texas
    By: Linda C. Chandler Texas' reputation as a big-time oil producer and gas guzzler doesn't apply to its meetings venues, which have gotten eco-savvy from the carpet on the floor to the solar panels on the roof.
  • Creative Ways to Stretch Your Food and Beverage Budget
    By: Jeff Waddle If you're creative with your food and beverage budget, you can save money and let your attendees taste everything Florida has to offer.


  • Are You Aligned With Tomorrow's Members?
    By: Ross Ament, CAE, and Brian Vollmert Associations that address the unique and varied needs of students can tap into a large pool of potential new or future members. Working with universities to understand and meet those needs is the first step.
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