Letter From the Chair: Five Parts of an Effective Communications Plan

Research Methodologies By: Tom Quash, CAE

Advance planning is an essential part of association communication: Knowing what you want from a campaign will help you set goals and determine if it was successful. Here are five steps to get your plan in motion.

I'm probably dating myself, but my favorite line from the 1980s TV show The A-Team was George Peppard's oft-repeated "I love it when a plan comes together." In nearly every episode, there were explosions, villains, disguises, fast cars, and a diverse, if somewhat eccentric, team of heroes-for-hire who used their individual strengths to reach their goal amid chaos and challenges. When you think about it in this way, it's not much different than association communications. (Well, minus the fast cars, I guess.) But have you set up all the steps you need to ensure your communication plan comes together? ...