Letter From the Chair: 3 Disruptions Transforming Communications

By: Tom Quash, CAE

The next disruption of your association's industry is impossible to predict, but you can build a flexible communications strategy that recognizes that those disruptions will occur. Here's how to do that, with tips on three of the most prominent current disruptions in the communications world.

If you've been tracking business and association resources of late, you're likely to have come across the term "disruptive innovation" more than once. This theory also happens to be one of the ASAE Communication Section Council's core themes for the year. But what is disruptive innovation, exactly? In this Google Glass-Harlem Shake-3D TV world, hasn't innovation disrupted us enough? Well, I'm convinced we're not done yet. And as communication professionals, we'll need to help steer our associations through these disruptive innovations....