Six Tips for Fam Trips

By: James F. Hollan III, CAE

When you're planning your organization's meetings, familiarization tours of destination cities are high on your to-do list. Follow these six tips to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Most meeting planners have been on more familiarization tours—or fam trips—than they can count. A typical fam trip goes something like this: Over three days, attendees see what would normally take visitors one or two weeks to see. They visit 10 to 15 hotel properties, where they examine guest rooms and meeting spaces. They visit venues for potential offsite events and tour the area's major attractions, all in order to experience what their members might experience. Attendees check out the appearance and efficiency of the airport, note how clean (or dirty) the city is, and generally get a sense of place. They ask themselves: Will our members feel comfortable here? Will they have a sense of wonder? Will they like it? ...