Use Behavioral Profiling for Better Member Recruitment and Retention

By: Christine Kelley and Amanda Schalyo

How your current and prospective members interact with your association is often more telling than what they say in surveys or conversation. With a focused behavior-profiling program, you can discover and track the key behaviors that identify strong leads and renewal drivers. Here's how one association has boosted recruitment and retention rates by doing just that.

Members are an association's life blood, and not only is understanding member needs essential to their satisfaction, but it should also play a key role in determining whom you choose to target and the conversations—email or in person—you choose to have with them. At APQC (the American Productivity & Quality Center), we realized the need to have more strategic conversations and began utilizing behavioral profiling and scoring to remove the guesswork in determining what our members want. The members were telling us (knowingly or unknowingly) what they want. We just had to have an open ear and the flexibility to create and deliver....