CAE Credit Rules Updated

The rules governing the qualification of continuing education programs for CAE credits have been updated effective January 2012. Find out the details here.

Effective January 2012, Certified Association Executive credits for educational programs have been recalculated to reflect the actual learning value. CAE credits are based on the actual clock time of qualifying education, including partial hours, up to a maximum of eight CAE credits per day. The changes will affect credits traditionally associated with some meetings, including the ASAE Annual Meeting and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute of Organization Management (IOM) program.

The 2012 ASAE Annual Meeting is eligible for 14.75 CAE credits, based on General Session and Learning Labs (which are open to all). The CAE Commission has clarified that numerous other learning opportunities at the Annual Meeting will qualify for CAE credits, including Global Good Mornings and educational sessions in the various lounges. For example, if you attend all the General Sessions and Learning Labs, plus a one-hour session in the CAE Lounge and a 30-minute impromptu session in the Social Media Lounge, you will earn 16.25 CAE credits (14.75 General Session and Learning Labs + 1 CAE Lounge + .5 Social Media Lounge).

Additional sessions at the Annual Meeting may or may not be listed on the onsite program, so be sure to check the lounge areas for posted impromptu sessions. The sessions must meet CAE guidelines in order to be eligible for CAE credit. When submitting a CAE renewal or exam application, all lounge and impromptu sessions must be documented separately from the general meeting sessions.

For the U.S. Chamber's IOM program, certain days of programming have seven or eight hours of education. In the former method of calculating hours with a six-hour cap, each of those days would only earn six CAE credits. With the current policies, each of those days would earn the full credits attended (up to eight hours per day.)

Any continuing professional education offered by a professional entity may be eligible for CAE credit, as long as it is directly related to either association or nonprofit management.

Questions? Contact the CAE department at [email protected] or 202-626-2759.