Letter From the Chair: Love What You Do, Or Leave It?

By: Holly Duckworth, CAE

It takes a lot of passion to be a component relations professional, and ASAE's Component Relations Section Council hopes you'll stoke that fire with one of several upcoming events, programs, and resources created just for you.

February is that month of the year Hallmark loves, florists prepare for all year, and spouses dread. Is it flowers or chocolates, dinner or a show? In this edition of my letter to the Component Relations section, I challenge you to ask, do you love your job? What do you love about it? Most association professionals I meet love what they do. I believe component relations professionals (CRPs) must be the most loving of association professionals because we are the sole professionals committed to both the home organization and the component, chapters, and affiliates. Double the trouble, double the love. (Does that mean double the chocolate this Valentine's Day?)...