9 Ways to Tell If Your Content Makes the Cut

By: Becky Rasmussen

Associations are awash in knowledge that can be shared and packaged into myriad forms of content to engage and attract members. But not all content is good content, and it won't be valuable if it doesn't meet your audience's needs. Here are nine ways to evaluate the publications, education, and other forms of content your association gathers and delivers.

Content marketing isn't a new concept for associations. Think about it: Do you know an association around that doesn't publish a newsletter, magazine, directory, or journal? That doesn't host a website, forum, or online community? That doesn't offer educational conferences, webinars, training, or tours? That doesn't communicate regularly with members, trying to keep them up to date on the latest industry trends or news? This is all content. It may vary in frequency, format, or packaging, but it's all content....