I Can't Live Without My … Trello

technology Associations Now September/October 2014

Create boards and action cards to keep track of goals and to-do lists with this web-based project management app.

"With Trello, I can keep track of all the small things I have to do each week, as well as manage the current IT projects we have. This is a high-level overview of current projects and their current state (in development, in queue, active, closed). I love looking at the 'done' list at the end of each week.

"I've also created a board for each of the strategic goals for which I am responsible. This helps me remember the big picture and keep track of how we are contributing to the operational and strategic goals/plans."

—Alyse Kittner, director of membership and marketing, American Organization of Nurse Executives, Chicago


By: Fog Creek Software
Price: Free
More info: trello.com