Digital Maturity Explained

Technology Associations Now September/October 2014 By: Katie Bascuas

Mark Gregor, CEO of digital web agency Velir, and Adam Ribaudo, Velir's VP of account management, explain "digital maturity" and why it matters to associations.

Associations Now: What is digital maturity?

Gregor: Digital maturity is a state at which an organization's digital efforts and presence are at their peak. They have been repeatedly streamlined and optimized to provide the ultimate, engaging experience to customers. The organization has a comprehensive, multichannel infrastructure in place for its digital marketing efforts, and its customers receive consistent experiences, no matter the channel. At this stage, all of the people, processes, and technology involved complement one another seamlessly.

How can associations get there?

The best way to tackle the evolving digital marketing landscape is through a step-by-step process. It's important for associations to remember that they have to crawl, walk, and then run if they want to be in the same realm as larger organizations that have implemented mature, progressive, and dynamic engagement models on the web. Regardless of the stage of digital maturity that they're currently at, odds are there's a lot more they can do to improve brand experiences for their members. This maturity model is a great step-by-step path to get there.

What else should associations know about the digital maturity model?

One of the things that gives associations an edge and makes the maturity model particularly suited to them is the fact they are so membership-driven—they know so much about their audience and their behaviors and needs. This allows for a ton of rich data to be captured by an association management system or customer relationship management system. When this data is married with the predictive analysis or scoring practices of digital marketing, it can produce highly effective and engaging results.

[This article was originally published in the Associations Now print edition, titled "Maturity Matters."]

Katie Bascuas

Katie Bascuas is an associate editor at Associations Now in Washington, DC.