Data: When Do Associations Start Their Renewal Efforts?

Membership Associations Now September/October 2014

A look at how long before expiration associations begin to send out membership renewal notices.

When's the right time to start asking a member to renew? Timing varies widely across associations, though three months before expiration seems to be the sweet spot. Associations that begin at least that early are a bit more likely to have a renewal rate above 80 percent than those that start later (61 percent versus 55 percent).

Immediately after welcoming

4%: Prior to 6 months before expiration

4%: 6 months before

3%: 5 months before

9%: 4 months before

36%: 3 months before

21%: 2 months before

10%: 1 month before

4%: The month of expiration

Source: 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, Marketing General, Inc.