Ask the CEO: Snow and Ice Management Association

Associations Now September/October 2014

SIMA CEO Martin Tirado, CAE, shares secrets for running a seasonal association and predicts what climate change will mean for his members over the next 100 years.

answers questions from SIMA member Kent Peddie.

Peddie: How do you manage a "seasonal" association? Do you find it more difficult during the winter months when members are concerned about managing the next snow or ice event?

Tirado: It's interesting how often I get this question. It's the opposite. The office is busiest in the summer and fall, as during the winter our members are working a crazy number of hours doing their job. Our annual symposium is in June. After that, we get the most interest in our resources and training materials to make sure companies are prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Do you think climate change will affect SIMA, and has the association taken any steps to address this issue?

Yes. The research we have done shows that climate change will force more snow and ice management companies to become better, smarter, and more efficient. Volatility in winter weather will be the main issue to plan for. We hope SIMA will grow as an essential resource for any snow and ice business. I will say this: One hundred years from now, it will still be consistently snowing in almost all areas where it does now.

What are you most proud of as CEO of SIMA?

Our professional staff and how we work with our volunteers and members to continue to provide value to all stakeholders, members or not. The team we have here is often overlooked and underappreciated by people who don't have close knowledge of what the professional staff does to help our members every day.