3 Lessons: Think, Ask, Lead

Leaders have to constantly test their own thinking, says Celia Besore, CAE, executive director and CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. She shares three leadership lessons with a common theme: the importance of an open mind.

Celia Besore, CAE
Executive Director and CEO
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Washington, DC

Never give up.

You need to persevere on what is right for the organization and for you. Your idea may be before its time, or you may need to find another way to present it. You have to keep your eyes open for the right moment and spend time talking one on one with key stakeholders to understand their concerns. Then be ready to refine and evolve your point of view.

Trust but verify.

Never assume that everyone shares the same vision for your organization. Be sure that the assumptions you are making are assumptions held by the others on whom you are relying to get the job done. Incorporate accountability at all levels of the organization, and give people the freedom to identify how they are going to accomplish the outcomes you all agree on.

Getting things done is more satisfying when you connect with others.

Know your strengths, skills, and abilities and try to create a network that will complement and enhance them. Others can be a great source of help. You can never have too many mentors—and the more diverse, the better.