Data: Missing Out on Search-Engine Marketing

Associations Now November/December 2013

A survey shows that associations missing out on paid search-engine marketing. It's a huge business--Google sold $40 billion in search ads in 2012--but only a small portion of associations are using it.

Google sold more than $40 billion in search engine ads in 2012, according to Bloomberg, but little of it came from associations. Barely a third of associations say they use paid search-engine marketing, and only a small portion plan to begin this year.

Do you use paid search-engine marketing to drive traffic to your website?

No, don't use:


Yes, aggressively:


Yes, somewhat aggressively:


Not yet, but plan to w/in next 12 months:



Source: Naylor Association Adviser reader poll, May 2013

[This article was originally published in the Associations Now print edition, titled "Traffic Drivers."]