The "Power of A" Visits the Hill

By: Cade Holleman

American Associations Day provides an opportunity for associations to join together to advocate for their academic, economic, and philanthropic value.

Working with other association leaders is key when promoting the academic, philanthropic, and economic contributions associations make to society. Our collaborative work also helps us bridge the industry-to-government chasm.

One of the best opportunities to partner with other associations is the annual ASAE Fly-In on American Associations Day, March 18–19. During the day's sessions and Hill visits, association leaders from varied industries deliver a unified message about our contributions to a stronger America and a stronger world.

For example, associations directly create jobs and support job creation. Often, the best practices promoted in our educational programs contribute to an industry's self-regulation and practitioner development.

At the American Legal and Financial Network, we use our education series in a two-way track that pushes information "up" from member firms in the states to national financial institutions, while staff and committees work together to disseminate legislative and regulatory updates back to the members.

It's important for associations to share our best practices, such as a successful education model, when working toward the common goal of engaged and informed members, more-uniform industry practices, and a general public that understands the value associations bring to the table.

The positive change that associations create in society and the business world is what the Power of A Campaign is all about. American Associations Day is our opportunity to show Congress how important associations are to society.

Cade Holleman is assistant vice president, government affairs and communications, at the American Legal and Financial Network. Email: [email protected]

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