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Readers share their views on recent Associations Now articles.

Readers react to the first Interactive Extra

When the debut Associations Now Interactive Extra launched in late January we received an overwhelming response, both on the look of our first foray into online-only magazine publishing and on the governance stories we included. Here's a sample of what readers had to say.

Holding Attention

Very impressive! I was amazed at the quality of the graphics and print. I am very busy, and it is hard to find time to look at this, but it held my attention longer than I expected.

I would like the feature of allowing comments and being able to read those comments. It took me a little while to figure out how it worked. I didn't quite get the clicking and enlarging of the print, as opposed to turning a page.

I didn't like the little teaser on being a change agent ["The Change Agent CEO"]. I would have preferred to link to an authority that would cover the topic more deeply. I have never found the short articles to be helpful or interesting.

—Jane M. La Barbera, CAE, Association of American Law Schools, Washington, DC

Dayton Disagreement

The inaugural issue of the interactive edition of Associations Now is the most innovative use of online publishing I've seen. I saved several of the articles and passages for future reference.

Phenomenally, you used the technology to enhance the content. Too often, it's the other way around. Because the gee-whiz technology is available, editors try to make the content serve the technology.

Reprinting "Governance Is Governance" by Kenneth Dayton from 25 years ago was brilliant ["The First Word on Governance"]. However, I did find myself disagreeing with most of what was said by the several analysts who feel that Dayton's concepts are a bit dated and need to be freshened up. In my opinion, everything Dayton said 25 years ago is spot-on today.

—Alan Leahigh, Geneva, Illinois

The New Normal

I was impressed. Good start. I'm going to forward this to several others in my association. To my communications people for the look and feel: We are considering doing something very similar. To marketing and membership: Delivering our "value proposition" can be enhanced by this delivery mechanism. To functional managers: We are all trying to grow professionally, and I'll send this to the people who can use the magazine content in their work in professional development. To the revenue team: Your use of ads in this edition stimulates my revenue-generating ideas. Finally, this is just a "way cool" new normal. We better stay on top of the wave, or we might find ourselves drowning in it!

—David Zepponi, Northwest Food Processors Association, Portland, Oregon

Where Digital Publishing Is Going

I am blown away by [the] Interactive Extra. This is the first digital publication that makes sense to me. For the first time I can really see where digital publishing can go.

Kudos to all of you who worked on this. I am circulating it to all on my staff to show them the possibilities that exist out there. Other digital publications are clunky and are really nothing more than a fancy PDF. You have used all the promise of digital publishing and made a beautiful book. Thanks for sending this out.

—Sherry Milligan, CAE, American Association for Respiratory Care, Irving, TX

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