3 Ideas to Do Your Job Better

Three tips to work smarter from ASAE’s 199 Ideas book series.

ASAE's 199 Ideas book series is chock full of useful information to help you in your work. Here are three tips, from three books in the series, on membership recruitment, marketing tactics, and raising revenues. Find these books and more at www.asaecenter.org/bookstore.

12. Tailor the renewal message to your acquisition message.

Is your message consistent across your marketing materials? Review your renewal copy to make sure you're reselling what members originally bought. This is especially important when converting new members toward the end of their first year.

199 Ideas: Raising Revenue

20. Crate a sense of a "good deal."

Value and price are both relative variables. A one-day educational seminar that costs $229 to attend may seem expensive at first glance to a buyer. If, however, you promote the regular fee as $299 and a special offer of $229, the buyer will believe they are receiving a "good deal" and will be more likely to register at the $229 rate. No one wants to feel that they are paying too much for something. By comparing items with similar features but a higher price tag, you can create a sense that the buyer is receiving an exceptional value. This logic helps buyers justify their purchase.

199 Ideas: Powerful Marketing Tactics That Sell

168. The basic stats.

Even from the most basic database, you should be able to compute: overall membership growth (current year, five year, 10 year); members lost (compared to the same time last year); members lost (year to date, current year); individual vs. group membership, if applicable; overall turnover rate; membership category growth or decline; average revenue per member; average cost per member; renewal rate; reinstatement rate; the same statistics for corporate member growth, if applicable. Analyzing trends, like changes in category growth over time, can significantly affect the strategic planning of associations.

199 Ideas: Membership Recruitment and Retention

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