Three Membership Numbers to Watch

By: Erik Schonher

Keep an eye on these metrics to gauge your association's health.

In the world of membership marketing, we use basic metrics to measure our progress. Here are three fundamental formulas to keep in mind:

Renewal rate: Measures the number of members that you keep over a specific period of time, usually 12 months.

  • Formula: (Total number of members now - new members gained over the last 12 months)/Total number of members last year
  • Example: (10,000 - 2,000)/9,500 = .8421 or 84.21%

Average tenure: Measures how long a member stays.

  • Formula: 1/(1 - renewal rate)
  • Example: 1/(1 - .8421) = 1/.1579 = 6.333 years

Lifetime value (LTV): Measures the average anticipated revenue from a member.

  • Formula: (Dues + nondues revenue) x average tenure = LTV
  • Example: ($125 + $100) x 6.333 = $1,424.92 LTV

Erik Schonher is vice president of Marketing General Inc., Alexandria, Virginia. Email: [email protected]

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