Partner corner: communicable-disease insurance coverage

By: Eileen Hoffman

Eileen Hoffman discusses event cancellation insurance.

Challenge: When the swine-flu outbreak hit in 2009, my association received calls from meeting registrants inquiring about the status of the meeting and expressing concerns about contracting the H1N1 virus. Is communicable-disease coverage under an event cancellation insurance policy worth the additional cost?


Solution: You may consider purchasing communicable-disease coverage, but you should thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of the coverage being offered. Some event cancellation insurance policies exclude this coverage but have an option to purchase it for an additional premium. This additional coverage can be expensive but would cover your event's financial losses should an outbreak of a communicable disease occur.

If an event cancellation policy does include this coverage, it is usually for a direct result of an outbreak of a communicable disease. However, the named insured would need to prove its loss.

Some decisions to cancel an event may be due to a facility being shut down or restrictions on transportation as declared by local or government authority. It's important to note that event cancellation policies do not cover "fear of travel." Therefore, when there is a way to get to the event, the event should go on.


Eileen Hoffman is assistant vice president of Aon Association Services, a division of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., which provides the ASAE-endorsed Showstoppers Event Cancellation Insurance program to associations. Email: [email protected]