3 Ways to Energize Your Network

Here are three questions answered by career coach Pegotty Cooper during a recent networking webinar called "Energizing Your Network," hosted by ASAE Career HQ.

ASAE CareerHQ.org recently presented a networking webinar conducted by career coach Pegotty Cooper called "Energizing Your Network." Below are three questions Cooper answered during the session. To view the entire webinar and find other career resources, visit CareerHQ.org.


How do I make my networking mutually beneficial when I'm looking for a job and I'm hoping they can connect me with a job?
Pegotty Cooper: One of the ways that you make it mutually beneficial is that you show some interest in what they are about. Because there's some time in the future when you are going to run into something that they're interested in. … There are two people coming together, and you want to know about that other person. And if it's somebody who is very experienced in the field, you might talk to them about what has really been important in their career. Where have they gotten their highest level of satisfaction in what they've done? People like to talk about themselves. They like to reflect on the things that have been important to them, and that alone brings some mutual benefit to a conversation.


How can I best help to make newcomers or nonmembers feel welcome at an organizational monthly meeting?
I love this question because there is such opportunity here. So I don't know if you have … ambassadors or greeters, but when a new member comes in, they are challenged. …They think everybody knows everyone and so you could have the ambassador or you introduce yourself, find out something about them, find out what's really most important to them or what they're looking for, and then take them around and introduce them to people. Try to make that connection so that they are relevant to each other right away, and then once you've made that introduction, excuse yourself and go find your next new member.


How do I make my networking beneficial at my current company when I have been here for 10 years?
Well, if you've been there for 10 years then—let me guess—you may have made some assumptions about what goes on in other parts of the organization based on some experience that you've had. And sometimes it's very beneficial just to set up roundtable discussions with people from other departments who do different things than you do and just talk about what's going on, put together cross-functional teams to solve some challenges, or to address something that's in the strategic initiative. So start with the beginner's mind and see if you can't uncover something new.

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