Partner Corner: Four tips to Integrate Social Media Into E-marketing

By: Michael Al Megdad

Engage your members online by following these four tips.

Challenge: How can our association effectively use social-media outreach in conjunction with email marketing?

Solution: Many associations’ outreach efforts include a broadcast-email campaign. With the rise of social media, tech-savvy associations have engaged in these new-media channels to reach their membership. Effectively combining and integrating email and social media creates an influential and amplified campaign.

Here are four tips for using social media in conjunction with email marketing:

  1. Use social media to grow your internal email list by enabling a newsletter sign-up module on your Facebook page, blog, and any other form of social media that can support sign ups.
  2. Utilize each channel’s strengths. Long-form content is great for email blasts, and social media excels at providing brief updates. Use social media as follow-up channels to provide updates and reminders on events and other important news.
  3. Incorporate share with your network functionality from your email service provider. This functionality allows your recipients to distribute your content within their own social circle. A good provider will provide tracking to help you identify your most vocal followers.
  4. Take time to analyze. Tracking conversions across channels—email, Facebook, and so forth—will highlight content that is most effective on that medium.

Combining social media along with an email campaign allows members to become more engaged with your content while making each member a potential asset in your marketing campaigns.

Michael Al-Megdad is the director of marketing for Real Magnet provided through CommPartners, LLC. Email: [email protected].

Michael Al Megdad