The First Time Associations Now Wrote About …

A look at when some now-ubiquitous words first appeared in Associations Now.

Do you remember the first time you heard about Facebook? Now you can’t go a day without it. A lot has changed in the past five years, and it’s easy to forget that some words we use every day at associations were foreign to us not that long ago. Here’s a glance at a few terms that entered (or re-entered) or lexicon in the past five years and when they first appeared in Associations Now:

Web 2.0. First appearance: January 2006, "Association 2.0," by C. David Gammel, CAE

Social media. First appearance: February 2006, "Associations in the Age of the Long Tail," by Jeff De Cagna and Jamie Notter

Green. (in the environmental context). First appearance: March 2006, "Top-10 global challenges"

Mass customization. First appearance: July 2006, "Why Pay-Per-View Might Click for You," by Jeanne L. Allert

Facebook. First appearance: July 2006, "Associations, Google, and the Future of Web 2.0," by Jeff De Cagna

Smart phone. First appearance: November 2006, "2020 vision"

Crowdsourcing. First appearance: February 2007, "Letting the Crowds Speak," by Jeffrey Cufaude

YouTube. First appearance: February 2007, "The wisdom of a crowd of marketers"

iPhone. First appearance: April 2007, "Technology Trends That Will Transform Your Meeting," by Corbin Ball

E-book. First appearance: June 2007, "A Whole New Mindset," by Kristin Clarke, CAE

Twitter. First appearance: August 2007, "Associations in action"

Form 990 (in reference to changes). First appearance: September 2007, "Policywatch"

Recession (in reference to the latest one). First appearance: March 2008, "Finance Supplement: Reserve Rules," by Lisa Junker, CAE (with honorable mention to Scott Briscoe, CAE, for: "When the Bubble Bursts," April 2008)